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ServiceNow performance testing

The benefits of performance testing ServiceNow

If your organisation relies on ServiceNow, it is critical to ensure that your instance performs to avoid interruption to your business and loss of revenue or reputation. JDS provides performance testing support to give you visibility of potential issues and solutions to resolve them. Below are a couple of real-life examples of how we have helped businesses in Australia and …
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ServiceNow Jakarta

Introducing ServiceNow Jakarta

ServiceNow has officially launched its Jakarta release. Our experts at JDS have provided a quick summary to ensure you are aware of the key enhancements in the new update. Guided setups These walk through the various aspects of setting up ServiceNow for use with ITSM, ITFM, and ITOM so it is well worth familiarising yourself with them. Please note, this does …
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electronic signature

Implementing an electronic signature in ALM

When it comes to quality assurance, consumers have come to expect and demand a high standard from manufacturers. Quality failures (e.g. the reputation Ford Pinto engines had for catching fire) have the potential to cause enormous financial losses running into millions of dollars, not to mention the potential of personal injury or loss of life. Nowhere is this more apparent …
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Your organisation deserves a good dashboard (and here’s why)

Cars cost a lot of money, and when a driver gets behind the wheel, they want to know that every component is working correctly. It can mean the difference between life and death—not to mention getting to your destination on time! For this reason, vehicle dashboards are painstakingly designed to be simple yet functional, so that virtually anyone can understand …
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Australia’s new mandatory security notifications

The majority of Australian organisations will soon be required to report major data security breaches. But what does this mean, and how can businesses avoid associated risks? Several years ago, JDS received a fax. This was unusual for two reasons: firstly, it was a fax in the 21st century; secondly, it was an authorisation for payment of 60 million dollars from …
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The Splunk Gardener

The Splunk wizards at JDS are a talented bunch, dedicated to finding solutions—including in unexpected places. So when Sydney-based consultant Michael Clayfield suffered the tragedy of some dead plants in his garden, he did what our team do best: ensure it works (or ‘lives’, in this case). Using Splunk’s flexible yet powerful capabilities, he implemented monitoring, automation, and custom reporting …
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ServiceNow—The latest and greatest at Knowledge17

ServiceNow’s Knowledge17 event has now come to a close, with many exciting new features and developments announced. This year’s was the biggest Knowledge event to date, with 15,000 delegates in attendance—the first event, in 2004, had just 85! The theme for 2017 was ‘Enterprise at Lightspeed’, and this idea underpins the year’s featured products. New ServiceNow CEO, John Donohoe, was …
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Service portal simplicity

The introduction of the Service Portal, using AngularJS and Bootstrap, has given ServiceNow considerable flexibility, allowing customers to develop portals to suit their own specific needs. While attribution depends on whether you subscribe to Voltaire, Winston Churchill, or Uncle Ben from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And this is especially true when it comes to the Service Portal …
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IT security is broken—but help is on the horizon

2017 may well be the year that people remember as the year we lost our software innocence. This past weekend, we saw an NSA/CIA-related leak leading to massive data loss and the disruption of hospital services and other institutions worldwide, via the ransomware ‘WannaCry’. There have also been recent, highly-publicised allegations that hacking operations have affected email servers, databases, banks—and …
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Active Robot Monitoring

Using Splunk and Active Robot Monitoring to resolve website issues

Recently, one of JDS’ clients reached out for assistance, as they were experiencing inconsistent website performance. They had just moved to a new platform, and were receiving alerts about unexpectedly slow response times, as well as intermittent logon errors. They were concerned that, were the reports accurate, this would have an adverse impact on customer retention, and potentially reduce their …
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The Australian Defence Reserves Support Council Awards JDS

Lt. Samuel Abdelsayed receives the ‘Employer Support Award – Medium Business’ on behalf of JDS. JDS has again been awarded by the Australian Defence Reserves Support Council, an organisation which assists Reservists both within Australia and overseas. This is the second time JDS has received an ‘Employer Support Award’.  Staff member, Lieutenant Samuel Abdelsayed, nominated JDS for being supportive of his Reserve activities and enabling …
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JDS is now a CAUDIT Splunk Provider

Splunk Enterprise provides universities with a fast, easy and resilient way to collect, analyse and secure the streams of machine data generated by their IT systems and infrastructure.  JDS, as one of Australia’s leading Splunk experts, has a tradition of excellence in ensuring higher education institutions have solutions that maximise the performance and availability of campus-critical IT systems and infrastructure …
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