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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Maximise the Value IT Delivers to Your Business
HPE Software is a global leader in Business Technology Optimisation (BTO) software. Automated software quality management, performance testing, application management, and IT governance solutions by HPE Software are used by 95 percent of the Fortune 100 companies to maximise the value that IT delivers to their business.
Realise Efficiency. Drive Agility. Accelerate Innovation.
Companies today are experiencing competitive market pressures and rapidly changing customer demands. Our portfolio can drive hybrid infrastructure, enable complex application development demand, support technology in both traditional and modern models, and provide mobility within new services. It is designed for delivery in complex environments.


Why Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

Accelerate Delivery

Accelerate application delivery securely ensuring quick time to market

Reduce Costs

Lower asset costs by accurately predicting system capacity

Decrease Risk

Decrease the risk of deploying systems that do not meet requirements

Pinpoint Bottlenecks

Pinpoint performance bottlenecks in a quick and easy manner

User Experience

Deliver high-quality user experiences that scale, perform & are secure

JDS services include:

Performance Testing Consulting and Advice
JDS can provide strategic advice establishing and managing large and sophisticated performance testing centres of excellence, through to assisting with technology selection, or completing performance test engagements.
Application Performance Management
JDS can bring all your monitoring data into the application and service context, giving your operators the information, views, and dashboards ensuring visibility into application performance and service outages.
End User Experience Monitoring
JDS can provide top-down monitoring of actual customer sessions with key metrics such as performance, latency, volume, or session data. Synthetic referencing transactions can also be executed to monitor consistency, availability, and trends.
Operations Management
Dynamically discover infrastructure and applications while correlating event data related to these service-impacting issues as well as topology data that ties the IT infrastructure to business services, and metrics that describe business service availability and performance.
Test Automation
Combining the automation capabilities of market leading tools (e.g. HPE Unified Functional Testing) with a test management platform (e.g. HPE Application Lifecycle Management), JDS can manage automated test cases, schedule their execution, report on their results and track any associated defects.
External performance testing services
A complete package in which JDS will take care of the entire performance testing effort using our software and external load generators. If you don't have the time, resources or skills to set up and run your own performance tests let JDS take care of the details and deliver you the results.


Why JDS?

JDS Australia are proud to be a Platinum Partner, authorised Training Partner and Global Technology Enablement Partner with HPE Software. With over 10 years' experience optimising performance and availability and having won HPE awards for 9 consecutive years, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted solutions across the range of HPE Software applications and operations solutions.

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