Collect, analyse and gain valuable insights from untapped data with Splunk.

Turn Machine Data into Business Value
Splunk can be used across data volumes ranging from gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes per day. All in real-time. The Splunk platform is designed to make it easy to explore, analyse and visualize your data. This is described as Operational Intelligence. That is, once your data is loaded in Splunk, you can ask any question.
See the Forest and the Trees
Collect, analyse and act upon the untapped value from the volume of data generated by your technology, helping drive operational and business results. JDS and Splunk can make your organisation become more productive, profitable, competitive and secure by gaining valuable insights in your business data.

Why Splunk?

Collect & Index Data

Collect, index & analyse any machine data at massive scale, without limitation

Search & Investigate

Search all your data in one place in real time revealing trends, spikes and patterns

Correlate & Analyse

Use the power of machine learning to automatically identify anomalies and incidents

Report and Visualise

Turn results into visualisations, build charts and save them as reports

Understand Trends

Understand business trends, patterns of activity and behavior to make more informed decisions

JDS' Capabilities

Root Cause Detection

Gain fresh insights into performance metrics, availability metrics, events, and log data through comprehensive visual displays. Your teams can then quickly correlate, understand, and respond to emerging issues and incidents quickly.

Customised Data Extraction

In certain cases, Splunk may need customizations to make certain machine data relevant and searchable. JDS can help extract key value pairs from machine data which will give you insights into otherwise unusable data.

Onboarding New Apps

JDS has experience across various companies and technologies onboarding new applications into Splunk analytics ecosystems providing insights into application and operational performance.

Guided Troubleshooting

Generate meaningful dashboards and search queries based on key words entered to move faster through each step of troubleshooting to arrive at the root cause.

Best Practices

JDS can provide independent reviews and advice on Splunk deployments and usage, ensuring organisations get the most out of their investment. JDS also advises organisations on a maturity path to help adopt new Splunk use cases.

Further Use Cases

JDS can help identify further use cases that can be applied across the organisation, providing additional business value. Using the same data and software investment, organisations can gain different insights that JDS can help expose.

Why JDS?

With extensive experience across multiple industries and sectors, JDS brings a holistic approach to data analytics solutions such as Splunk. We don’t just look at one segment of your environment, we learn how it relates to the rest of your business and what the effects are downstream or upstream. Combined with 10 years experience optimising operational performance and availability, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted analytics solutions and services for many leading Australian organisations.

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