Bring together apps and operations with DevOps principles.

Keeping Pace with a High-Velocity Business

To stay competitive, your business needs to accelerate the delivery of new software features and functionality. That’s the idea behind the agile software-development processes that are now widely used by application delivery teams to reduce delivery cycle times. But here’s where things get harder. While agile methods are a huge step forward for application delivery teams, they alone don’t ensure the fast rollout of new software. Cycle times are also driven by IT operations teams, which historically have been a speed bump in the road to putting applications into production.

Driving Collaboration Across the Development Lifecycle and IT Operations

DevOps is all about people, process, and technology, and applying principles and methods to drive better collaboration between your software delivery and IT operations teams. DevOps extends the agile mindset to incorporate operations. Whether your organization uses agile, waterfall, or both, DevOps recognizes the interdependences of application delivery and IT operations in accelerating the release of high-quality software. DevOps enables continuous delivery which focuses on shorter cycles, putting high-quality software into the hands of end users.

Business value of Adopting DevOps with JDS

Competitive Advantage

Accelerate the release of applications into production & respond faster to business demand

Resource Efficiency

Increase IT resource efficiency with automated provisioning and deployment

Decision Making

Enable better and faster decisions with an immediate feedback loop

Keep Pace with Demand

Bring new apps and updates to market quickly to create satisfied customers

Increase Innovation

Free up time and resources to focus on value adding and innovative tasks

IT benefits of adopting DevOps with JDS

IT Silos

Eliminate IT silos across your organization


Enable cross-team collaboration and communication

Automate Processes

Automate build, test, and deployment processes

Accelerate Release Cycles

Accelerate release cycles through automation and continuous delivery

Increase Efficiency

Test and monitor earlier in the development process and test in production

Why Choose JDS to Assist with Adopting DevOps?

JDS maintains a high level of relationships and technical certifications with a variety of DevOps technology vendors. Combined with our extensive in-house experience implementing a variety of IT solutions with the largest corporate banks, universities, energy, mining and insurance corporations, JDS is the partner of choice for a variety of Australia businesses looking to adopt DevOps within their organisations.