IT Service Management (ITSM)

Facilitate, consolidate, and automate incident, problem, and change management.

IT Service Management (ITSM)
ITSM refers to the policies and activities that plan, design, deliver, operate, and control the IT services offered to both internal and external customers. ITSM is designed to ensure the consistent, high-quality delivery of services that enable business productivity and activity.
The IT challenge
Disruptions in IT services often result in lost revenue, reputation damage as well as dissatisfied customers. ITSM allows organisations to transform from reactive fire-fighters to proactive business enablers. To reduce the adverse impact of incidents on the business, IT must consolidate and automate ITSM processes.

Benefits JDS can bring to your IT Service Management:

Boost Productivity

Deliver services faster through workflow automation

Self Service

Improve user self-sufficiency & first touch resolution

Resolve Issues Faster

Substitute with your legacy help desk with a fast, automated service delivery

Decrease Risk

Reduce human error and information overload with intelligent analytics

Reduced Tickets

Reduced ticket volumes through self-service & increased service quality


JDS ITSM Capabilities include:

ITSM Implementation
JDS provides in-depth ITSM implementation experience utilising industry-recognised frameworks and best practices to build successful, optimised ITSM platforms.
Workflow & Catalogue Enhancements
Automation is a game-changer, allowing catalogue requests that originally took days to be fulfilled to be completed within minutes, and without the overhead of human intervention.
Custom Applications
JDS can build custom solutions within an ITSM platform to support customer requirements, enabling the automation of manual tasks and approval processes, along with the digitisation of labour intensive processes.
ITOM (IT Operations Management)
ITOM includes the mapping and monitoring IT services. JDS has been driving auto-discovery, CMDB’s and establishing IT service monitoring for years and have considerable depth in this area.
Performance & Security Enhancements
JDS has over a decade’s experience assisting customers with application availability, end-user experience monitoring, performance and security testing for a range of ITSM platforms and solutions.
JDS can customise and deploy a single-pane-of-glass dashboard to various metrics and data showing critical information about your business applications.

Why choose JDS for your ITSM services?

JDS maintains high-level relationships and technical certifications with all its ITSM partners. Combined with our deep technical knowledge around a variety of industry leading technologies, JDS is the partner of choice for implementing, optimising and customising trusted ITSM solutions.

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