Operations Automation


Provision IT services with the click of a button.


Enterprise Scale IT Automation
With the rise in heterogeneous infrastructure, platforms, and applications, IT has seen a proliferation of scripts and point tools for run book automation within the data centre. Each of the server, network, storage, database, and application teams operate in their own silos with limited collaboration, relying on error-prone manual execution and handoffs. CIOs are mandating better collaboration and investment in orchestration tools that bridge these IT silos and enable consolidation of tools and scripts.
Automate Provisioning, Configuration, Patching, and IT Compliance
By successfully adopting IT operations automation and orchestration, JDS helps organisations automate tasks to replace mundane and routine operations such as provisioning, configuration, patching, and IT compliance across heterogeneous physical, and virtual servers, networks, databases, and middleware elements. JDS can help automate process workflows to orchestrate across infrastructure, platform, and applications, while leveraging existing investments in your environment.



Benefits JDS can bring with Operations Automation:


Agility, Consistency & Efficiency

Drive agility, consistency and efficiency in by automating tasks and orchestrating processes

Manage Risk

Set and enforce standards with provisioning and patching

Lower Costs

Lower operations costs by automating routine tasks and process workflows

Greater Compliance

Timely & accurate assessment, reporting, and remediation of IT compliance using set policies

Consolidate Tools

Consolidate multiple point tools & scripts into easy to use process automation flows


JDS Operations Automation Capabilities:


UCMDB Automation
Take server records from a standalone database called the SCMDB (standalone database) and merge the data with server CI’s in the uCMDB.
Customise Offerings
JDS can customise client offerings and tailor them to their audiences. i.e. a technical audience may require full administrative actions, however a business audience may only require a subset of these options.
Change Management Reports To Stakeholders
Query the CMDB to generate a list of CI changes pertinent to application owners and their environments, and sends the information in separate change management emails for stakeholder approval.
Defining Catalogues
Catalogues provide the ability to provision subscriptions to different business groups, showing relevant services. JDS can assist in this process by defining different catalogues and publishing the relevant offerings to them
Service Manager to JIRA Integration
Incidents created in Service Manager (version 9.4) are automatically mapped and raised in JIRA.
Create OMi Events Using HPOO
Use OMI’s REST API to create events with an HTTP Get and Post operation.



Why choose JDS?

With experience across multiple industries and sectors, JDS brings a holistic approach to analytics. We don’t just look at one segment of your environment, we learn how it relates to the rest of your business and what the effects are downstream or upstream. Combined with 10 years experience optimising operational performance and availability, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted operations analytics solutions and services for many leading Australian organisations.


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