Service Virtualisation

Give your testing and developments teams the ability to create simulations of real-world application behaviour.

How to be Agile, But Not Fragile with Application Delivery
Being first and fastest does not equate to value when the delivered solution does not perform, lacks in user experience or responsiveness. Risks of delivering poor quality software can even affect the brand and business viability, especially if the issue pertains to security breaches or data privacy. Applications teams must move quickly but must also balance the need to keep functional quality, performance, and application security levels aligned even more closely with demanding compliance and business expectations.

Faster Delivery and Higher Quality
Enable your application teams to easily create virtual services that can replace targeted services in a composite application or multi-step business process. By accurately simulating the behaviour of the actual component, developers and testers can begin performing functional or performance testing right away, in parallel–even when the real services are not available, when data access is restricted, when data is difficult to attain, or when the services are not suitable for the particular test.

Benefits JDS can bring with Service Virtualisation

Accelerate Delivery

Accelerate delivery by creating realistic simulations of service behaviour while testing

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk and faster release cycles through earlier functional and load testing

Lower Costs

Lower costs related to provisioning and managing complex test environments

Broader Coverage

Broader test coverage and fewer defects released to production

Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced collaboration for teams across the life-cycle

Why choose JDS for your application performance and availability needs?

JDS has over 10 years’ experience optimising performance and availability for a wide range of Australian enterprise across a variety of industry leading tools. With strong domain expertise and experience in application performance, operations monitoring & managed services, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted IT solutions and services to many leading Australian organisations.

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