End User Monitoring

Determine how well a business service is being delivered to customers with end-user experience monitoring.

Improve Visibility and Control End User’s IT Experience
Today, both synthetic and real-user monitoring play key roles in providing a better understanding of user behaviour. Synthetic monitoring simulates business transactions against production applications at set intervals, providing consistent, predictable measurements used to understand application performance trends and baselines. Real-user monitoring, on the other hand, measures performance and availability when real users are accessing the application.
Get Organised - Monitor All users, All locations, All the time.
Measure the true experience of all of your users, all the time and all locations. You can then gauge the business impact of performance issues and outages, and isolate user trends in detail. Organise the data by session for further analysis and increase collaboration between the monitoring and development teams. You can also capture the real native mobile user experience, including the Mobile Application and operating system specific data related to end user actions.

Benefits JDS can bring with End User Monitoring

End User Experience

Improved end-user experience and customer satisfaction levels

Speed Up Resolution

Trace end user transactions across automatically to speed resolution

Triage Problems

Replay user sessions to help triage and solve problems faster

Behaviour Insights

Provide critical insight into the behaviour of real users

Manage SLA's

Ensure and manage consistent quality service delivery

Why choose JDS for your end user monitoring services?

JDS maintains high-level relationships and technical certifications with all its monitoring technology partners. Combined with our extensive in-house experience implementing monitoring solutions with the largest corporate banks, financial services and insurance corporations, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted monitoring solutions and services.

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