Event Management and Correlation

Remediate issues across all your technologies by providing the ability to sense, analyse and adapt to manage IT services.

You Face a Number of Business Innovation Challenges Today
Businesses now have more data and less information, and face increase in volume, source, and complexity of event and performance data. Through event management and correlation, businesses can consolidate IT event management activities into a single pane of glass that reduces duplication of effort, allows quick identification of the causes of IT incidents, and decreases the time it takes to rectify IT issues addressing these innovation challenges.
IT Operations Transformed
Dynamically and automatically discover and correlate event data that indicates infrastructure or service-impacting issues, topology data that ties the IT infrastructure to business services and metrics that describe the availability and performance of the business service and its dependencies. Gain comprehensive insight when monitoring and managing business services.

Benefits JDS can bring with Event Management & Correlation:

Increased Operational Efficiencies

Increased operational efficiencies and lower costs through a single platform for enterprise event

Reduced Outages

Focus on outage avoidance through predictive root cause

Minimise Service Disruptions

Reduce service disruptions through predictive correlation and dynamic prioritisation of events

Reduction in Mean-Time-To-Repair

Reduction in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and increased service level compliance

Value Add

Automating ITIL processes and workflows across your enterprise monitoring

Why choose JDS for your Event Management & Correlation services?

JDS maintains high-level relationships and technical certifications with all its monitoring technology partners. Combined with our extensive in-house experience implementing monitoring solutions with the largest corporate banks, financial services and insurance corporations, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted monitoring solutions and services.

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