Infrastructure Monitoring

Provide 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance.

Proactively Manage Your IT Environment
Leverage intuitive, unified monitoring solutions for monitoring and managing your most critical IT services across your virtual, physical, cloud and big data environments. IT teams can proactively manage the performance and availability of applications and the specific infrastructure elements upon which they rely.
Gain Flexibility, Scalability and Efficiency
Reliably deliver performance across today’s complex, multi-technology network infrastructure with infrastructure management solutions. You’ll have the flexibility, scalability and efficiency you need to get ahead of the competition while improving the customer experience.

Benefits of Infrastructure Monitoring

End User Experience

Improved end-user experience and customer satisfaction levels

Reduced Outages

Drastically decrease mean time to repair of service outages

Decrease Costs

Decrease expense and effort associated with maintaining multiple platforms

Pinpoint Bottlenecks

Quickly isolate issues within a business context and identify bottlenecks

Early Warnings

Predictive analytics for early warning into operational performance


Why choose JDS for your infrastructure monitoring services?

JDS maintains high-level relationships and technical certifications with all its monitoring technology partners. Combined with our extensive in-house experience implementing monitoring solutions with the largest corporate banks, financial services and insurance corporations, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted monitoring solutions and services.

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