Operations Analytics

Consolidate, manage, and analyse massive streams of IT data giving your operations team the right information at the right time.

IT Operations Sparking Digital Business Transformation
IT Operations Analytics is transforming the current ITOM landscape and becoming a key contributor to future organisational digital transformation. According to Gartner (2016), algorithmic IT operations platforms enable IT leaders to meet the proactive and dynamic demands of digital business. This inherently transforms the very nature of IT operations' work with unprecedented, automated insights into their data.
Reveal the Insights Hidden in your Data
Applying powerful analytics gives you a fresh insight into performance metrics, availability metrics, events, topology, and log data. By harnessing machine intelligence,
learning algorithms, and the input of subject matter experts, Operations Analytics can help your IT operations team identify a root cause in minutes.

Benefits of Operations Analytics

Uncover Data Insights

Collect, index & analyse any machine data at massive scale, regardless of format or source.

Faster Problem Analysis

Automatically generate dashboards, search queries, guided troubleshooting, and visual analytics.

Visibility into IT KPI's

Gain end-to-end visibility to track and deliver on IT KPIs and make better-informed IT decisions

Higher Service Levels

Services perform as expected, consistently, with
no downtime for
end users

Understand Trends

Understand business trends, patterns of activity and behaviour to make more informed decisions


JDS Operations Analytics Capabilities

Trend Analysis/Predictive Insights
Predictive analytics learns behaviour trends from metrics and log data, leveraging historical trends and seasonality to predict future performance and identifying problems before users are impacted.
Root Cause Detection
Gain fresh insights into performance metrics, availability metrics, events, topology, and log data through comprehensive visual displays. Your operations team can then quickly see, understand, and respond to emerging issues and incidents quickly.
Guided Troubleshooting
Generate meaningful dashboards and search queries based on keywords entered to move faster through each step of troubleshooting to arrive at the root cause.
Onboarding New Apps
JDS has experience across various companies and technologies onboarding new applications into analytics ecosystems providing insights into application and operational performance.
Customised Data Extraction
In certain cases, technologies such as Splunk may need customizations to make certain machine data relevant and searchable. JDS can extract key value pairs from machine data giving insights into otherwise unusable data.
Log Management
Search, alert, report and monitor all your logs from one location in real time. JDS can also help build from a point solution into a centralised data platform helping extract valuable business insights from your data.

Why choose JDS for your operations analytics services?

With experience across multiple industries and sectors, JDS brings a holistic approach to analytics. We don't just look at one segment of your environment, we learn how it relates to the rest of your business and what the effects are downstream or upstream. Combined with 10 years experience optimising operational performance and availability, JDS is the partner of choice for trusted operations analytics solutions and services for many leading Australian organisations.

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