Secure IT

Security poses a major threat for modern businesses, as it has privacy, financial, operational and reputational implications. Information security is necessary to protect against the threat of breach or infiltration—and JDS’ team of security testing experts are here to help, providing security analysis and helpful, practical advice.

It takes 77% of business more than a day to discover that their system has been breached.

Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

Attacks on web-based software applications are associated with significant business risks, resulting in potentially irreparable organisational damage.  There is the fear of financial costs, lost reputation, and the devastation of customer trust and confidence.  These modern risks expose businesses to lost market, and potentially, operational failure: it is estimated that 60% of small businesses close within six months of a security breach.

Security attacks may originate from competitors, governments, organised crime groups—or simply from opportunistic individuals.  The majority of breaches aren’t discovered within the first day, and in fact, many are not discovered until weeks or months after they occur.  At this point, it is too late—the damage has been done.

Historically, Australian data breaches have tended to go under-reported.  However, this is set to change, with new mandatory reporting laws coming into force from February 2018.  This puts an immediate onus upon businesses to ensure a proactive approach to their security management, to head off risks now and reduce later operational burdens. Security testing your front-line applications is the essential first step in this process.

Proactive 24/7 protection

Security assessment
JDS can perform reconnaissance and analysis to produce a guiding report covering your application’s underlying technology, behaviour, and security features.
Application penetration testing
Penetration testing at JDS reflects the needs of the organisation. Simulations could represent attack by an insider, such as an employee, network or system administrator; or from an external source.
Security monitoring

Quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks. Simplify threat management while minimising risk and safeguarding your business. JDS can streamline all aspects of security operations for organisations of all sizes and level of expertise.

Dynamic security analysis
Testing the dynamic behaviour of running web applications and services to identify and prioritise security vulnerabilities, we integrate dynamic and runtime analysis to find more vulnerabilities—and fix them faster.
Static code analysis

JDS scan source code, identifying the root causes of software security vulnerabilities while correlating and prioritising results, giving you line-of-code guidance on how to close gaps in your security.

Authentication and authorisation testing

Authenticated and unauthenticated testing of authentication and session management, access control, input validation, and output encoding, is rigorously performed against your organisation’s environment.

Business benefits

Reveal vulnerabilities

Identify high-risk vulnerabilities that may be threatening your environment

Protect your reputation

Guard yourself against the brand damage that follows organisational data breaches

Ensure continuity

Avoid unexpected downtime or access issues


Comply with organisational and legislative data security and reporting requirements