Tips for Replaying RDP VuGen Scripts in HP BSM or HP LoadRunner

If you’ve ever worked with RDP VuGen scripts, you’ll know it can be challenging to develop a reliable script.  This applies if you need to generate high load via LoadRunner RDP scripts for performance testing. It also applies if you need reliable RDP scripts over time as part of a monitoring solution using Business Process […]

What’s new in LoadRunner 12.02

HP recently released LoadRunner 12.02 and here at JDS, we have had first hand look at what HP has to offer in this new release. Many new and interesting features were introduced as part of this release, with a new feature called Web Controller available for non-production testing included. Here is a brief summary and […]

LoadRunner Correlation with web_reg_save_param_regexp

Do you have a correlation which you can’t solve because the values of the left and right boundary are dynamic? Correlation is an essential part of performance test scripting and there are plenty of different challenges with correlation. Imagine having a value of “GraphA123567EndGraphA” and the goal is to correlate 123567 From the example above, […]

Problems recording HTTPS with VuGen

Recently a client had an urgent request to monitor a HTTPS URL due to poor availability and performance. No problem, give me the URL and I’ll have the monitor set up and running in 10 minutes. However, a simple task turned into an investigation of Vugen certificates and Windows security patching. For any HTTPS request […]

Asynchronous Communication: Scripting For Cognos

A recent client engagement presented me with an interesting challenge when scripting for a performance test of Cognos (version 10.1). Cognos uses asynchronous communication between the client and Cognos server; which is essentially polling by the client to the server, to determine the progress of a report being generated. Rather than making a request and […]

Monitoring Active Directory accounts with HP BAC

Lately we’ve had an annoying problem of an Active Directory (AD) account that is used for our HP Business Process Monitor (BPM) scripts getting locked at random times. Because it’s an intermittent problem, it’s hard to track down where the request is coming form. I wasn’t getting alerted straight away of login failure because of […]

LoadRunner in Windows 7

IMPORTANT UPDATE:HP Loadrunner 11 is now available. This new version now natively supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. I recommend upgrading to this version for full Windows 7 integration, and Internet Explorer 8 support. The below article refers to earlier Loadrunner releases. Windows 7 has finally been released, and I’ve had the pleasure to […]

VuGen Scripting for YouTube Video

Video has seen a massive surgance on the internet with the launch of YouTube and other video sharing web sites. This raises some interesting challenges beyond simple scripting in VuGen; with a combination of Javascript, Adobe Flash and HTTP partial download support. This article will show you how to play a video, and save it […]

Creating a Web + MMS vuser

LoadRunner/VuGen supports both Web (HTTP/HTML) virtual users and Media Player (MMS) vusers, but it does not allow you to create a multiple protocol script using these two protocols. Fortunately, with a little bit of hacking, you can create a multi-protocol vuser with these two protocols yourself.