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URL Attachments in Quality Center

Sometimes you have a file that you work with that you would like to attach to QC but the file is managed by someone somewhere else, for instance a datasheet or requirements document managed by another department. Because the owner will be unlikely to update the QC file for you, the best thing you can do is add a URL …
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Flash Group Case Study

JDS Australia’s work at Flash Group, performance testing the Global Corporate Challenge website, has been written up by HP as a case study. In 2010, the GCC website experienced a peak load of 8,403 visitors in the first hour after launch, and over 130,000 visitors on the first two days. Testing with LoadRunner before launch helped Flash achieve 99.99 percent …
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Restore old License Usage stats after upgrading Quality Center

Following the upgrade of Quality Center from v.9 to v.10, the client asked whether it will be possible to retain the license usage history after the upgrade. The upgrade was performed in three main stages, as follows:

  • Migrate QC9.0 projects to a QC10 instance on a temporary server and upgrade all projects
  • Uninstall QC9.0 and install QC10 on the primary …
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    Changing LoadRunner/VuGen log options at runtime

    LoadRunner has a whole bunch of logging options. These can be specified in your script’s runtime settings, or specified in your script’s code with lr_set_debug_message(). There are some gotchas when changing your logging options with a C function call, so I have written some functions that will be helpful.

    The LoadRunner/Vugen functions that allow you to read and change …
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    Restricting large attachments in Quality Center

    Once your Quality Center users discover that they can add attachments to defects (and test cases, and test sets etc etc), your storage requirements increase dramatically. Here is a neat way to prevent your users from attaching files over a certain size anywhere in Quality Center.
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    Retrieving Quality Center user login statistics

    In the Quality Center Site Administration console there is a Site Analysis tab which gives you a break-down of the QC license usage over time. This is useful if you want to understand the overall usage patterns of Quality Center but it does not give detailed information about the individual users or their login statistics (such as the projects each …
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    A comparison of open source load testing tools

    This is the start of a multi-part series of articles that compares the available free/open source load testing tools.

    I plan to break this up into bite-sized chunks roughly as follows:

    1. Community (support resources, development community)
    2. Tool architecture (what components, and how they fit together)
    3. Scripting (recording, correlation, debugging)
    4. Infrastructure Monitoring
    5. Test Scenario Creation
    6. Test Execution
    7. Test Analysis …
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    Worst practices in performance testing

    Lots of people write articles on what they think are “best practices” in performance testing, but I think that it is also good to spend some time thinking about what projects do wrong. This is a list of problems I have seen again and again on different projects over the years. They are mostly management-related problems, rather than technical problems, …
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    Superpartners BAC implementation case study

    JDS is pleased to have helped Superpartners, the largest superannuation administrator in Australia, use HP Business Availability Center to optimise the availability, performance and effectiveness of its business services and applications. The work that JDS performed at Superpartners has now become an HP case study, which is available here [164 KB, PDF] …
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