Have You Considered “Swinging” With Your Pen Testing Provider?

Have you been in a long-term relationship with your existing penetration testing vendor? Starting to feel like it’s time to ‘spice things up’ a bit? It’s easy to settle into a partnership with a vendor that you’ve got to know, they’ve got to know you along with the more intimate details of your business, and all of the ‘skeletons in …
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JDS Australia Named 2022 Splunk APAC Services Partner of the Year

JDS Australia announced today it has received the 2022 APAC Services Partner of the Year for exceptional performance and commitment to Splunk’s Partnerverse. The APAC Services Partner of the Year award recognizes an APAC Splunk partner that is actively engaged in services implementations, in addition to having a strong commitment to training and certification of their organisation. “We’re thrilled to …
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What It Means To Be CREST (Intl) Accredited

Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can set themselves up as a penetration testing or cyber incident response service provider. These could include irresponsible organisations that do not have in place policies, processes and procedures to ensure quality of service and protection of client based information. The individuals employed by these companies may have no demonstrable skill, knowledge …
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Five Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Be Penetration Testing

Modern businesses require an advanced approach to security and due diligence. Having anti-virus software and a firewall is no longer an efficient strategy to prevent highly sophisticated security attacks which can result in irreversible damage to your organisation. A professional penetration testing service is the best way to identify the strengths, weaknesses and holes in your defences. Read on to …
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JDS and the GO Foundation

The Go Foundation is an inspiring organisation empowering young Indigenous Australians by providing scholarships from primary school through to University. Co-founded by Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin in 2009, the foundation offers mentoring, leadership, networks and support to GO students on their journey to employment. JDS is immensely proud to have committed to donating $30k to the GO Foundation over …
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Mastering Modal Dialog Boxes

Modal Dialog boxes are a great way to enhance the user experience and provide more detailed feedback to users than a default browser popup. Recently, we had a challenging set of requirements from a customer. They needed a bunch of mandatory fields (easy enough with UI Policies) but there was a twist—they needed:

  • Fields that were mandatory ONLY if …
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Understanding your Customer Journeys in Salesforce with AppDynamics

The Problem

JDS Australia works with numerous customers who utilise the force.com platform as the primary interface for their end users (internal and external) to execute business critical services. The flexibility and extensibility of the component based Lightning framework has allowed businesses to customise the platform to meet their specific requirements. However, many of these companies struggle to monitor, quantify or …
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5 Ways uberAgent Measures Your Employee Digital Experience

Measuring employee digital experience is a great way to assess how well your systems are performing. With the move to working from home there is now greater importance in making sure your IT services can support multiple device types and varying network conditions. This scenario is where uberAgent shines. uberAgent is a user experience monitoring and endpoint security analytics product …
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JDS Appoints John Banks as National Sales Director

JDS Australia has appointed former IBM and Micro Focus executive, John Banks as the National Sales Director. John will be responsible for all aspects of growth and customer success for JDS, reporting to Managing Director, John Bearsley. “We have undergone a major realignment of JDS towards a practice model,” Bearsley said. “In this new role, John will add a new …
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