How ServiceNow’s ‘Virtual Agent’ can assist your organisation: Part 2

This blog entry is part of a four-part blog series on how ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent can assist your organisation. Part 2: Contactless Resolution Contactless resolution, no contact resolution and zero contact resolution are three ideas that are similar in concept, but are all trying to get essentially the same result. This concept is not new at all, despite it getting …
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How ServiceNow’s ‘Virtual Agent’ can assist your organisation: Part 1

This blog entry is part of a four-part blog series on how ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent can assist your organisation. If you talk to someone about the present state of the IT industry, artificial intelligence, virtual agent and chatbots are topics that commonly surface in one way or another. From forcibly having to “deal” with it while trying to raise a …
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How Field Service Management can help your customers

The Challenge Field agents are typically the face of most organisations, yet for many businesses, those resources and their day-to-day duties have been overlooked when it comes to workflow optimisation. Customer service centres and help desks are rarely aligned with the technicians responsible for addressing issues in the field, which can result in multiple calls, emails and at times, tickets …
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Micro Focus

ServiceNow Upgrade Process

With ServiceNow committing to two major releases a year and only allowing customers to operate on n-1, having a well understood upgrade process is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. To reduce the risk of disruption to the business during upgrades, JDS recommends organisations adopt a clearly defined strategy for upgrades.

  1. Prepare Environments
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Catalog Client Scripts

Modifying Service Portal Widgets On-The-Fly

Recently, a customer asked us to remove their Get Help catalog item from the list of Popular Items in the Service Portal because it’s not really an item (it’s a record producer) and it’s accessed from the home page as well as being in the menu bar so it doesn’t really belong under Popular Items. The challenge was, how could this be done WITHOUT changing/modifying the …
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Custom Glide Modal Dialog Boxes in ServiceNow

Modal popups are an effective way of interacting with users when more information is required than would ordinarily be available on a screen. For example, confirming a deletion or getting more information when someone is submitting a record. ServiceNow has a client-side API called GlideModal but the documentation is focused around displaying records or lists from ServiceNow rather than ad-hoc modal details …
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How Contract Management Can Help Your Customers

Contract Management In the ServiceNow platform, contracts contain detailed information such as contract number, start and end dates, active status, terms and conditions statements, documents, renewal information, and financial terms. Contract Management is active by default for all ITSM subscribers and was initially seen as a means of managing the following:

  • Software licensing
  • Certificates and their expiration
  • Asset fleet …
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healthy on call

Manipulating Service Portal Widgets Without Modifying Them

It’s common for organisations to want something a little bit more than what is on offer by ServiceNow in its service portal, but without breaking any core functionality. In this article, we’ll look at how you can manipulate an existing out-of-the-box widget WITHOUT modifying it. One option is to clone the widget and change it but that causes your cloned …
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Virtual Agent Is Your Friend

Don’t underestimate the importance of user satisfaction If there’s one defining characteristic of the social media revolution it’s “make life easy.” Why did Facebook win out over MySpace? Facebook made it easy to connect, easy to post, easy to find people, easy to interact. Amazon, Google, Twitter and Facebook have spent the last decade refining their technology to lower the …
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