5 Ways uberAgent Measures Your Employee Digital Experience

Measuring employee digital experience is a great way to assess how well your systems are performing. With the move to working from home there is now greater importance in making sure your IT services can support multiple device types and varying network conditions. This scenario is where uberAgent shines. uberAgent is a user experience monitoring and endpoint security analytics product …
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JDS Appoints John Banks as National Sales Director

JDS Australia has appointed former IBM and Micro Focus executive, John Banks as the National Sales Director. John will be responsible for all aspects of growth and customer success for JDS, reporting to Managing Director, John Bearsley. “We have undergone a major realignment of JDS towards a practice model,” Bearsley said. “In this new role, John will add a new …
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Implementing Salesforce monitoring in Splunk

The problem A JDS customer embarked on a project to implement Salesforce to provide their users a single user interface to fulfil their customer needs. Their aim, to make the interface easy to use and reduce the time to process customer requests. At the same time, the business had to ensure that their customer data stored in Salesforce was secure …
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Virtual Agent: Understanding The Limitations Of LITE

Understanding the difference between Virtual Agent LITE and the full Virtual Agent offering is a must when planning your organisation’s Virtual Agent journey. The following matrix will help you to understand the benefits of the Virtual Agent LITE product as a starting point, whilst clearly highlighting the immense value that can be realised in proceeding with the full Virtual Agent …
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ServiceNow & ReactJS

Technology Background

Like any enterprise platform, ServiceNow has a complex relationship with its underlying architecture. Originally, ServiceNow was built on Java using Jelly XML for server-side component rendering. For its time, this approach was cutting edge.

As the Internet matured and social media ramped up, Google developed a clever client/server binding language called AngularJS that allowed for dynamic HTML pages to be …
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ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite

As Australia continues to establish it’s new COVID normal, the time has never been better to consider the utilization of ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Application suite. With JDS expertise on the Now Platform, you can set up a Health application for your employees in a fraction of the time a traditional Health & Safety solution would take to configure! By using …
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Performance Testing of Large Scale National Sales Event Website

Summary JDS was engaged to performance test a National Sales Event at a very large scale in 2020. There are multiple events which happen throughout different periods of the year but this particular engagement was in preparation for the largest sales event of the year. Test Scenario Approach and Modelling Typical performance load tests would start off with a conservative …
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Working With ACLs In ServiceNow

ACLs or Access Control Lists are the process by which ServiceNow provides granular security for its data and can be applied to individual records, as well as fields within those records. When working with ACLs, it is extremely important to note that the order in which an ACL definition is evaluated has performance implications. These are:

  1. Roles
  2. Criteria
  3. Script

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How ServiceNow’s ‘Virtual Agent’ can assist your organisation: Part 4

This blog entry is part of a four-part blog series on how ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent can assist your organisation. See Part 1 HERE See Part 2 HERE See Part 3 HERE Part 4: Experiences Matter Through this blog series I have spoken about, through Virtual Agent, it is easier to empower users, create more opportunities for contactless resolution and create …
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