5 quick tips for customising your SAP data in Splunk

Understanding how your SAP system is performing can be a time-consuming process. With multiple environments, servers, APIs, interfaces and applications, there are numerous pieces to the puzzle, and stitching together the end-to-end story requires a lot of work. That’s where SAP PowerConnect can assist. This SAP-certified tool simplifies the process by seamlessly collating your SAP metrics into a single command …
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SAP lifecycle

How to maintain versatility throughout your SAP lifecycle

There are many use cases for deploying a tool to monitor your SAP system. Releasing your application between test environments, introducing additional users to your production system, or developing new functionality—all of these introduce an element of risk to your application and environment. Whether you are upgrading to SAP HANA, moving data centres, or expanding your use of ECC modules …
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How to revitalise your performance testing in SAP

When you go live with a new system, feature, or application, you want to be confident in how your system will respond. Performance testing is a critical part of the development cycle for any new or updated application. Performance testing will push your SAP system to the limits, with the aim to find any performance or system bottlenecks before you …
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Visualise and consolidate your data with SAP PowerConnect for Splunk

SAP systems can be complex. If you have multiple servers and operating systems across different data centres and the cloud, it’s often difficult to know what’s happening under the hood. SAP PowerConnect for Splunk makes it easier than ever to get valuable insight into your SAP system, using its intuitive visual interface and consolidated system data. Leverage the power of …
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How to effectively manage your CMDB in ServiceNow

Configuration management is a popular topic with our customers, and JDS has been involved in a number of such projects over the years. Specifically, we deal regularly with configuration management databases, or CMDB. The CMDB is a foundational pillar in ITIL-based practices; properly implemented and maintained, it is the glue that holds together all IT operations. A good CMDB keeps …
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breaking down silos

Breaking down silos to create an enterprise capability

Traditionally, IT manages services in silos (networks, servers, databases, security, etc), which inevitably leads to an incomplete picture when things go wrong. Each team has a piece of the puzzle, but no one can see the picture on the box. Lack of visibility is a significant risk for companies, particularly those businesses with complex solution stacks and thousands of users …
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AIOps header

What is AIOps?

Gartner has coined another buzz word to describe the next evolution of ITOM solutions. AIOps uses the power of Machine Learning and big data to provide pattern discovery and predictive analysis for IT Ops. What is the need for AIOps? Organisations undergoing digital transformation are facing a lot of challenges that they wouldn’t have faced even ten years ago. Digital …
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Using Splunk to look for Spectre and Meltdown security breaches

Meltdown and Spectre are two security vulnerabilities that are currently impacting millions of businesses all over the world. Since the news broke about the flaw in Intel processor chips that opened the door to once-secure information, companies have been bulking up their system security and implementing patches to prevent a breach. Want to make sure your system is protected from …
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ServiceNow and single sign-on

More and more, organisations are opting to use Identity Providers (Idp) to allow their users to access multiple applications without the need to remember dozens of different user IDs and passwords. ServiceNow supports single sign-on, but the process itself can be confusing, so this quick guide has been developed to show exactly what happens when a user authenticates against ServiceNow …
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