Machine Learning with Splunk

Learn about how to optimise machine learning using Splunk, with this video from JDS Consultant Danesen Narayanen …

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Vugen and GitHub Integration

With the release of LoadRunner 12.53, VuGen now has built in GitHub integration. That means you not only have access to GitHub for saving versions of your script, but also other tools like bug tracking, access control and wikis. Here’s an overview to VuGen’s GitHub integration to get you up and running. Getting Started First off, you’ll need a personal …

Filtered Reference Fields in ServiceNow

One common requirement JDS sees when working with ServiceNow customers is the need to dynamically filter the available choices in reference fields. This can be useful in both general form development and record producers. Consider the following business requirement:
A national charity wants to implement a feedback form for its staff.
As staff work across a variety of areas, it’s …

Completing the APM picture with AppDynamics EUM

How are your customers really experiencing your apps right now? How is your business reputation, loyalty and revenue being affected by the world between your application servers and your customer? AppDynamics End User Monitoring (EUM) completes the APM picture by letting you See, Act on, and Know about your customers’ real experiences in real time. With EUM, AppDynamics extends the …

Straight-Through Processing with ServiceNow

How much time is your organisation wasting on manual processes? What is the true cost of lost productivity? Straight-through processing (STP) has long been recognised as the Holy Grail of business processes, as it promises to eliminate manual paper forms along with human intervention at the back end. By avoiding the duplication of effort, straight-through processing promises to drastically improve …

How operational health builds business revenue

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a next-generation monitoring and analytics solution that provides new levels of visibility into the health and key performance indicators of IT services. Use powerful visualizations and advanced analytics to highlight anomalies, accelerate investigations and pinpoint the root causes that impact service levels critical to the business.Join this session to learn how to:

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Splunk: Using Regex to Simplify Your Data

Splunk is an extremely powerful tool for extracting information from machine data, but machine data is often structured in a way that makes sense to a particular application or process while appearing as a garbled mess to the rest of us. Splunk allows you to cater for this and retrieve meaningful information using regular expressions (regex). You can write your …

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Case Study: Australian Red Cross Blood Service

The prompt and decision The Australian Red Cross Blood Service performs a critical role in Australia’s health system. It provides quality blood products, essential services and leading edge research to improve the lives of patients. A non-profit organisation with more than 4,000 employees, ARCBS must be ready to respond around the clock to deliver blood and search its extensive records …

How to fix common VuGen recording problems

One of the problems that occurs on occasion when using VuGen, are problems with Internet Explorer when starting a recording of a Web HTTP/HTML protocol script. These problems can manifest in different ways; for example, a hanging or unresponsive IE window; a windows error message; or a VuGen crash.