Posted on 1 December 2008

JDS competes in the Australian Corporate Games

On Saturday 22nd November, Melbourne hosted 11,200 people representing 354 organisations across 20 sports in the Australian Corporate Games. For the first time, JDS partook in the competition by entering a team of 12 into the Touch Rugby Competition.

The weather conditions were horrendous to say the least! For the majority of the day, the skies were grey, it was raining cats and dogs, the winds were near cyclonic and it was a freezing 8.2 degrees! Before the start of play, the team queried the games organiser as to whether the day was still going ahead, to which he laughed “we will only call the games off at the sight of lightning!”

JDS touch rugby team

In spite of the torrential rainfall, there were still many memorable moments of hilarity and sporting brilliance. From stunning rugby passes, footwork and tries, to playing a game in the extremes of a hail storm, and even watching some players on the verge of drowning in the puddles of mud throughout the fields!

For the record, JDS competed in 4 games and came away with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses. Considering 90% of the team had never played Touch Rugby before, this was a spectacular effort! Without doubt, the event was a day filled with skill, team spirit, and most importantly fun! Overall a resounding success! We can only wait with eager anticipation for next year, where world domination is undoubtedly on the cards!

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