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ServiceNow performance testing

First things first...

What is performance testing?

Performance testing ensures your platform and custom code perform under expected production loads and that response times from locations around the world meet your expectations. At its heart, testing lets you know whether your IT systems, software, or application is doing what you expect it to do, how you expect it to be done.

Why should you do performance testing?

We have all seen what happens when things go wrong with an IT system. From the crashing of the Click Frenzy sale in 2016, to the recent complete shutdown of a major Australian train network during peak hour, the result of poor performance testing for a business is embarrassing at best—and can be disastrous at worst.

Performance testing will give you confidence that when people turn to your system, it won't turn them away. It does so by ensuring your system functions as it should under a variety of scenarios and loads.

Why JDS?

JDS has more than ten years of experience doing performance testing with a variety of systems, and one of our key vendor partners is ServiceNow. We are ServiceNow's global partner of choice for testing the performance and availability of their platform. JDS has a large pool of performance testing experts with extensive experience in performance testing ITSM implementations as well as customisations.

How has JDS helped businesses with ServiceNow?

JDS has provided ServiceNow support and performance testing for dozens of businesses throughout Australia and around the world. Here are two specific accounts of how we have helped identify issues through performance testing and solved them for our clients:

ServiceNow Global Use Example

Client #1 had users based in three countries around the world (Australia, USA, and Germany). When issues were raised in one part of the world, they would be investigated and resolved in another, which meant the platform had to be able to support multiple peak periods 24/7. JDS was engaged to ensure that during their busiest period, the ServiceNow platform would support all their user activity.

To start, we spoke with Client #1 to clearly define their needs and walk through the custom processes they were implementing. Then we created a test plan that outlined what we were testing and how. The test plan showed the steps that test users would make in the system to raise, approve, implement, and close tickets.

In collaboration with the ServiceNow load test team, JDS simulated load (i.e. user activity) on the platform from different locations around the world. We raised, approved, updated, progressed, and closed tickets for incident, problem and change management. Test users also browsed knowledgebase articles and the service portal.

By conducting this testing, we were able to show that ServiceNow would support all of Client #1’s users during their busy periods, and that there was extra head room to grow. This testing gave the client confidence that their ServiceNow platform would meet their current and future needs.

ServiceNow Custom Code Example

This client had developed a customised form, based on a Service Catalog request, which helped them manage their internal batch operations and server restarts. Sometimes these requests were submitted without much lead time and needed to be approved and implemented as soon as possible.

During functional testing, the form worked just as intended; however, there was a performance bottleneck lurking in the custom code. This bottleneck would delay the progress of important tickets, and only show itself under load. While a single user could complete the process quickly, multiple users concurrently raising tickets would experience a delay in progressing their tickets. If users had an urgent ticket raised, the approver wouldn’t be notified until it was possibly too late.

To help them identify the problem and find a solution, JDS simulated hundreds of users raising incidents, creating change requests, and lodging problem tickets, as well as using the new custom form. We noticed that tickets raised while under load experienced some long delays in getting approvals.

Further analysis of the approval workflow allowed us to isolate the problem. We were then able to point the development team to the issue, and they quickly created a patch to fix it.

By testing the whole platform under expected load, JDS was able to isolate issues with custom code that would otherwise have been found in production (i.e. by frustrated users). Instead, the patch was applied, and the retest confirmed that important tickets would get to the right people in time.


No matter the size of your business, or the complexity of your ServiceNow requirements, the performance testing provided by JDS Australia will give you peace of mind knowing your system can function under a variety of circumstances—both within and outside your control.

To find out more about getting performance testing support for your ServiceNow platform, contact us at [email protected] or call 1300 780 432.

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