If it takes 4 people 12 days to dig a trench, how long would it take 6 people?

Did you ever have this question in maths at school? Well the teacher may have been right that you’d need this later in life. When setting up our scenarios, we need to calculate pacing. How often should your script run if you need to complete 1000 business processes an hour with 250 virtual users?

Our Pacing Calculator tool will help you work out the pacing with the minimum and maximum range calculated for you.

As long as your script execution time (including think time) doesn’t take longer than the minimum pacing, you’ll achieve your throughput. If the pacing isn’t enough time to complete your business process then you should consider reducing the think time, or adding more virtual users.

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Type of question that a census would be needed to confirm if people were asked this in school :) .

Had an senior executive with several years experience in performance testing and Load Runner in charge of a dedicated performance testing team of 10 resources and set the standards for testing of a very large organisation, turn around to myself just recently, with confidence that the title of executive can only bring, “I don’t know Scott if what your explaining to me is correct in the Industry, i mean what does pacing actually mean?”.

Considering whats been in the paper’s recently i was speechless.