Case Study: CitiPower and Powercor use JDS for support

A Case Study on how CitiPower and Powercor leverage JDS and HP Software to deliver quality applications across the Group to meet strategic objectives.

CitiPower and Powercor are Australia’s leading electricity distributors owned by Cheung Kong Infrastructure Ltd (CKI) and Power Assets Holdings Ltd. Combined, the Group operate the largest electricity distribution network in Victoria servicing over a million customers across the state, as well as services to ETSA and Wellington.

Operating in a highly controlled industry, and tasked with providing critical services around the clock, the combined Group relies heavily on its information technology infrastructure to deliver energy to customers and to meet regulatory requirements.

The Groups IT infrastructure is complex to say the least. With over eleven critical business applications, 2,000 users, and multifaceted interfaces to a central information hub for the business facing systems alone, delivery expectations on the IT department are high.

Real-time information from the electricity network such as usage patterns, meter data and consumption is required by field staff, the Group, and the government regulator. Information accuracy and availability can mean the difference between someone getting power or not. Significant penalties apply for missing the mark, so it’s important that the IT department gets it right.

“Technology underpins the ability for CitiPower and Powercor to safely and effectively deliver power to more than a million customers. It’s critical that our applications are current, functioning and available,” said Fiona Hocking, CSA Assurance Team Leader, Powercor.

To deliver on its strategic objectives, the Group mandates that the IT department provide high-performing business applications with a 99.8% availability rate and a zero tolerance for level one defects.

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