Bolster the security posture of your organisation’s
cloud environment. Avoid breaches, and achieve compliance.

Cloud security has become critical as organisations are migrating more and more sensitive information, systems, and applications to cloud environments.

Cloud penetration testing differs significantly from traditional on-premise environment penetration testing, as it is influenced by the cloud service provider (CSP), and examines the security of cloud-specific aspects, such as configurations, coding practices, cloud storage and hosted applications.

JDS Security can assess the validity of your organisation’s existing cloud security defense capabilities, and strengthen your cloud environment with strategic and actionable recommendations, based on simulated real-world encounters.

JDS Cloud Penetration Testing Services

As an AWS Cloud user, there is a certain level of responsibility to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your cloud environment.

The JDS CREST-certified security team of experts have the required knowledge of Amazon Cloud security policies, and are highly experienced in working with complex cloud infrastructure.

Carrying out AWS Cloud penetration testing provides invaluable insights into the threats to your organisation, from the perspective of a malicious actor. Using modern tools and methodologies, JDS Security will assess your defensive posture, and provide prioritised recommendations for fortifying your cloud ecosystem against the latest adversary tactics.

The Azure Cloud architecture consists of multiple components, and therefore, it is critical that comprehensive and methodical testing is carried out to identify, assess and remediate the high-impact risks to your systems and applications.

JDS Security will review the platform configurations of your services and discover vulnerabilities and potential entry points which could lead to significant gaps in the security posture of your Azure environment.

Vulnerabilities can include exposed credentials, security misconfigurations and excess privileges which could potentially lead to unauthorised access, system downtime and disclosure of sensitive information. Regular penetration testing of your Azure Cloud environment can help to detect security gaps before exploitation occurs.

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Penetration Testing is a vital process to prevent security breaches and exploitation of vulnerabilities. With a focus on platform misconfigurations, cloud storage, insecure coding practices, hosted applications and endpoints, JDS Security will perform comprehensive testing on your Google Cloud Platform to mitigate risks and provide security assurance.

We will provide you with a comprehensive report to help you understand the weaknesses within your GCP environment, detail the risks associated with those weaknesses, and make recommendations on remediation.