Posted on 29 July 2012

Coles IT Awards 2012

JDS was proud to be a finalist in the service category of the 2012 Coles IT Awards.

The service category awards provide recognition for organisations that best assist Coles to provide service improvement both internally and to their customers.

The criterion for this category and the subsequent winning of the finalist award is:

  • Demonstrable improvement in service to end users and customer satisfaction.
  • Value of Services
  • Vendor’s role in improving the overall performance of Coles.

From the Coles 2012 Awards Booklet:

JDS Australia has provided expert performance testing and monitoring services to Coles over many years. As a result JDS has become a trusted service provider to the Coles IT team.”

The many projects that JDS has been involved in at Coles have had a 100% success rate, and have greatly improved the final quality of project delivery, on time and on a budget. A good recent example would be Project Pop where significant improvements occurred as a result of JDS working closely with the Coles IT Team.”

Initially the critical Flybuys registrations site could only support 21,000 registrations per hour with a Coles business requirement of 30,000 registrations per hour. However through careful application and infrastructure testing, diagnosis and tuning, JDS was able to assist Coles by improving system throughput by a factor of five to 105,000 registrations per hour with sub 1 second response times for this business critical component.”