Cyber Security Assessments

Taking a holistic snapshot of your system and it’s environment in order to facilitate an organisation-centric security strategy.

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving as threat actors discover advanced ways to infiltrate organisations’ systems and networks.
A JDS cyber security assessment and system audit will provide you with full visibility into the status of your organisation’s security posture. Carrying out this comprehensive assessment will help to measure the readiness of your organisation to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

By validating the current security controls that are in place, and evaluating if they are sufficient to counter the potential cyber risks, your organisation can make informed decisions and build a strategy to effectively mitigate vulnerabilities.

JDS Cyber Security Assessments

Vulnerability assessments involve a predominantly automated process that is focused on searching for, detecting, and categorising existing vulnerabilities within a given system.

Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests both have a similar objective – evaluating the security of an environment – and both are crucial for cybercrime prevention, however the approach is vastly different.

A JDS Security vulnerability assessment provides a point-in-time analysis of the level of risk and the degree of potential damage that a specific exploit poses to an organisation. Vulnerability assessments are recommended to be conducted on a recurring basis, in order to develop a Vulnerability Management Plan.

A JDS Cloud Security Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation’s cloud infrastructure to determine if the appropriate levels of security have been implemented. We can identify vulnerabilities in the internal cloud landscape, detect potential risks, and discover evidence of prior exploitation.

Carrying out a holistic analysis of your cloud environment can significantly reduce the potential of a breach, and improve overall resilience.

A System Security Audit reviews the performance and controls of an organisation’s operational system. By assessing the overall health of your system, you can help to protect your customers’ and employees’ personal data, company financial information, and other vulnerable access points within your internal environment.

A methodical System Security Audit should be carried out periodically to ensure that no gaps exist within your IT systems and security programme.

We have much greater confidence in our organisation’s state of security after the thorough assessment carried out by the JDS team. They work methodically, and managed to cover all bases, identifying significant areas of risk which we were able to immediately rectify. The knowledge, professionalism and confidentiality that JDS apply to their work is paramount, and our internal IT team have gained so much insight from the collaberation.

– Chief Information Security Officer, Large Insurance Enterprise