Splunk .conf18 – Splunk Next: 10 Innovations

As part of .conf18 and in the balmy Florida weather surrounded by theme parks, JDS was keen to hear more about what’s coming next from Splunk – namely Splunk Next.

Splunk CEO Doug Merritt announced a lot of new features released with Splunk 7.2 which you can read about in our earlier post (Splunk .conf recap). He also talked about Splunk’s vision of creating products that reduce the barriers to getting the most out of your data. As part of that vision he revealed Splunk Next which comprises a series of innovations that are still in the beta phase.

Being in beta, these features haven’t been finalised yet, but they showcase some of the exciting things Splunk is working towards. Here are the Top 10 innovations that will help you get the most out of your data:

  1. SplunkDeveloper Cloud – develop data-driven apps in the cloud, using the power of Splunk to provide rich data and analytics.
  2. SplunkBusiness Flow – an analytics-driven approach to users’ interactions and identify ways to optimise and troubleshoot. This feature generates a process flow diagram based solely on your index data, and shows you what users are doing, and where you can optimise the system to make smarter decisions.
  3. SplunkData Fabric Search – with the addition of an Apache Spark cluster, you can now search over multiple disparate Splunk instances with surprising speed. This federated search will allow you to search trillions of events and metrics across all your Splunk environments.
  4. SplunkData Stream Processor - a GUI interface to allow you to test your data ingestion in real-time without relying on config files. You can mask data, send it to various indexes or even different Splunk instances, all from the GUI.
  5. SplunkCloud Gateway – a new gateway for the Splunk Mobile App, get Splunk delivered to your mobile device securely.
  6. SplunkMobile – a new mobile interface for Splunk, which shows dashboards in a mobile-friendly format. Plays nicely with the Cloud Gateway.
  7. SplunkAugmented Reality – if you have a VR headset, you can pin glass-table style KPI metrics onto real-world devices. It’s designed so you can walk around a factory floor and see IoT data metrics from the various sensors installed. Also works with QR codes and your smart phone. Think Terminator vision!
  8. SplunkNatural Language Processor – lets you integrate an AI assistant like Alexa and ask English-language based questions and get English-language responses – all from Splunk. e.g. “Alexa, what was the highest selling product last month?” It would be a great addition to your organisation’s ChatOps.
  9. SplunkInsights for Web and Mobile Apps – helps your developers and operators improve the quality of experience delivered by your applications.
  10. SplunkTV – an Apple TV app which rotates through Splunk You no longer need to have a full PC running next to your TV display – just Apple TV.

To participate in any of the above betas go here:


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