Posted on 9 April 2010

JDS takes part in Great Place to Work Survey

JDS Australia recently took part in the Great Place to Work survey. This is run by the Great Place to Work Institute Australia which is dedicated to building a better society by helping organisations to transform their workplaces. Their work is based on the major findings of more than 20 years of research – that trust between managers and employees is the primary defining characteristic of the best workplaces. This is a principle that JDS recognises and constantly strives to achieve.

John Bearsley, Managing Director of JDS Australia, commented “We’ve built JDS to be an organisation that people want to be a part of, this requires a culture that encompasses the elements of camaraderie, respect and fairness along with pride in what we are doing and who we are. Taking part in the Great Place to Work survey is one of the tools we have chosen use to assess how we are performing in this regard and provides insights into the cultural health of the organisation – a perspective that is not readily transparent in the standard financial reports”.

Approximately 80% of all JDS employees took part in the online survey with JDS having recently received the high level survey results which will be distributed throughout JDS. The results reaffirm the strongly positive spirit within JDS as well as helping identify some areas that the management team would like to improve.

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