A long time ago, on the first day of my first ever load testing job, the project manager approached me and said "I'm sorry, we can't find the LoadRunner manuals. Is this going to be a problem?". I waved him away; "Not at all. I won't need them."

He walked away with the impression that I was a genius who never needed to look anything up. I, of course, had simply meant that PDF copies of the manuals were included with the software.

Which brings me to the point of this tech tip...

When you order a license through HP, they will include hardcopies of the product manuals by default. The line item price for physical manuals ranges from ~200 all the way up to ~$600 for a set (depending on product). The set of 5 manuals for LoadRunner cost close to $500 Australian dollars.

So, when when ordering a license, make sure that you say "I do not want the manuals", and use the PDFs that come with the product.

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