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modern incident response

Time is the enemy. This could be said for many things in life, but for businesses that are experiencing a disruption or degradation that impacts their ability to operate, every second can feel like a nightmare. When you’re trying to get digital or physical goods in the hands of your customers, experiencing a business-critical IT issue can have significant impacts on your bottom line—not to mention your Service Level Agreements.

Having a modern incident response system in place can turn days of mean time to repair into minutes—that’s PagerDuty’s specialty.

More than ever, organisations need a way to instantly spin up a precise multi-team, business-wide response for any type of incident. When issues requiring real-time action aren’t responded to in an optimal way, it leads to a lack of ownership, prioritisation, and alignment during critical response, where every second counts.

You need a solution that will accelerate the speed of resolution for both unexpected disruptions and opportunities.

By automating the process and effectively orchestrating only the right individuals required for a response, as well as other tasks, teams are empowered to focus on the most meaningful work and minimise errors when it matters most for the business.

PagerDuty incident response notifies the right people in your team immediately so they can quickly assess, triage, and resolve issues when they occur. Implementing this tool with the expert assistance of JDS consultants—who leverage their cross-industry experience to knowledge of ITSM and ITOM—will ensure you meet SLAs and best practice standards for IT management.

But don’t just take our word for it. We partnered with the online betting platform, William Hill, to achieve a 100% availability rate of its online betting services, putting them ahead of the competition in ensuring the highest levels of customer service by preventing downtime. You can read more about that here.

For most organisations, 99.9% availability is adequate, but not for us, we want 100% uptime and that’s why we’ve put PagerDuty at the heart of our digital transformation and cloud migration strategy.
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With the capabilities of Modern Incident Response delivered from JDS and PagerDuty, IT teams benefit from sophisticated response automation capabilities, integrated triage and ITSM workflows, stakeholder communication, streamlined learning through integrated postmortems, and much more. By identifying and automating best practices, teams eliminate chaos in resolving and preventing future issues, while reducing MTTA by up to 90% and MTTR between 50% and 75%.

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