ServiceNow has officially launched its Jakarta release.

Our experts at JDS have provided a quick summary to ensure you are aware of the key enhancements in the new update.

Guided setups

These walk through the various aspects of setting up ServiceNow for use with ITSM, ITFM, and ITOM so it is well worth familiarising yourself with them.

Please note, this does not take the place of the ServiceNow Implementation Methodology (SIM).

Guided tours

You can create your own guided tour of various modules to allow for context sensitive help to support end users. You can also modify the OOB guided tours.

Be aware, it's a little challenging to set up as the designer doesn't delete steps properly, so be prepared to do some configuration in the regular form layout of the guide as well. Once configured, users can access these tours by clicking on the help icon, which shows the help side pane. At the bottom, there’s a “tour” button.

Knowledge portal

Knowledge within ServiceNow has been upgraded to be more user friendly. Unlike the customer facing service portal, this portal allows access to multiple knowledge bases, making it ideal to assist internal IT staff at first, second, and third levels of support.

knowledge portal

Security hardening dashboard

This interactive dashboard shows the degree to which an instance of ServiceNow has been secured. It allows system admins to configure key security parameters across the platform.

security dashboard

security dashboard

SLA timelines

You can view the progress of SLAs on a timeline (go through the regular Service Desk SLAs to find this feature). This is a brilliant way for managers to monitor the progress of high-priority incidents without the need to micromanage staff, only getting involved when needed.

SLA timelines

Our team on the case

Document as you go.

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Length of Time at JDS

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Workplace Passion

I enjoy working with the new AngularJS portal in ServiceNow.

Need support?

If you have any questions about ServiceNow or this latest release, please feel free to contact JDS.