Posted on 17 January 2012

JDS attends HP Discovery EMEA Conference in Vienna

JDS, a leading IT consulting company that specialises in application performance through monitoring and testing has further solidified its affiliation with HP by participating at the HP Discovery EMEA conference held in Vienna in December, 2011.

Already a leading source of HP certified professionals in the marketplace in Australia, JDS joined the event to leverage the strategic and operational developments for its ever increasing client base.

Through the participation, JDS gained insight into HP’s roadmap that includes an emphasis on assisting organisations to gain value from data as well as utilising HP Executive Scorecards for high level visibility of critical application performance.

With the ultimate goal of providing better internal and external customer service delivery, JDS will work with its client base to identify how it can best take advantage of the latest solutions.

“Our involvement with HP Discovery Vienna ensures that our clients are kept informed of any HP developments or strategic direction that may help their business. It’s exciting times ahead as JDS and HP extends its partnership further through leveraging new offerings in Service Intelligence and Executive Reporting,” said Steve Smith, General Manager, JDS.

Achieving HP partner awards for five consecutive years, and dominating testing and monitoring projects across Australia, JDS will continue to add value to its client base through skilled and experienced consulting, implementations, training and local support.

“It was fantastic to have JDS Australia attend as guests of our global “HP Discover” conference held in Vienna during December 2011. It was of incredible value for JDS to hear first-hand HP’s strategic direction and liaise one-to-one with our HP Product leaders. It speaks volumes to the successful Platinum partnership HP has with JDS and why they are a partner of choice for monitoring and performance testing,” said Sarah Kerr, Partner Business Manager, South Region Australia and New Zealand, HP.

For more information on the HP roadmap, contact JDS.

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