Posted on 8 January 2008

JDS staff to review new HP Certification Exams

Three JDS staff are amongst 7 people worldwide chosen to review (and provide feedback on) the new HP certification exams for Quality Center, QuickTest Pro and Performance Center before they are made available to the public.

Chris Hickey, Eanna O’Duill and Stuart Moncrieff each reviewed exams in their areas of specialty. JDS staff had previously reviewed the new BAC certification exams, so the request from HP for further feedback confirms the reputation of JDS consultants as worldwide experts in the HP testing and monitoring product suites.

Non-disclosure agreements prevent us from discussing exam content, but we can tell you that:

  • The skills previously tested with the Mercury Certified Product Specialist (CPS) and Certified Production Consultant (CPC) exams are now tested with the HP Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) and Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) exams
  • The AIS exams are targeted at users who have completed the official HP training course material. This exam is multiple choice. The closest equivalent is the old Mercury CPS exams.
  • The ASE exams are targeted at users who have at least 1 year of experience with the product, and are familiar with all of the features described in the product manual. This exam has both multiple choice and practical components. The closest equivalent is the old Mercury CPC exams.
  • If you already hold a CPS or CPC qualification, you may be able to upgrade to the new certifications without taking an exam, or by sitting a shorter upgrade exam. Check the HP Certification website for more information.
  • The following exams are available now:
    • AIS – HP Business Availability Center v6
    • AIS – HP Quality Center v9
    • AIS – HP Project and Portfolio Management v7
  • The following exams are expected to be available sometime towards the end of February 2008:
    • AIS – HP Performance Center v9
    • ASE – HP Quality Center v9
    • ASE – HP Performance Center v9
  • Certification exams will be available to take at Authorised Prometric Testing Centres, but you must have an HP Student ID before registering for the exam

It is highly recommended that students considering AIS or ASE certification should complete the relevant HP training courses (which are available through JDS) before attempting these exams.