Posted on 22 December 2014

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Are your performance tests really passing?

A high-quality test suite is critical to ensuring the best possible customer experience. However, creating high-quality scripts is a difficult and involved process, and is often left to the experience of the script creator.

This can result in poorly written scripts that can remain undetected for long periods of time, severely hampering the quality of your testing or monitoring. The impact of this can range from high script maintenance or reduced coverage, to misleading false-positives regarding the health of your applications.


Automated validation of best practices

The Script Validator provides a reliable, automated solution to alleviate these problems, reducing the risk of negative customer experience.

JDS has combined over 10 years of testing experience into the Script Validator to create a pre-defined set of validation rules. These rules are automatically applied across your test suite to provide instant feedback and reporting.

Effective feedback, while you script

By natively embedding the Script Validator into HP Virtual User Generator, immediate feedback allows script developers to catch issues early. Ultimately preventing the need for re-work at a later stage (e.g. test execution).

In a sense it works like a powerful spell checker – highlighting potential issues as the scripter is recording and enhancing test scripts. Where possible it gives performance testers a ‘single click’ ability to correct known issues.

Reporting and Governance

The Script Validator allows the generation of reports at the script, or LoadRunner controller scenario level, to summarise script quality across multiple levels. This provides an audit trail and ensures scripts meet a defined set of standards before progressing to test execution.

By validating and reporting on test scripts during development and upon completion, a high degree of governance can be maintained across your entire test script suite. This allows managers and QA leads to be confident in the quality of their test scripts, and by extension, the quality of their tested applications.


Download the Data Sheet for more information.