JDS releases VuGen tools

JDS toolsOver the past few years, JDS has developed a number of useful tools internally in support of performance testing and writing HP Business Process Monitor scripts. These tools simplify and automate some complexity of script writing by resolving some of the more mundane, routine aspects of scripting in VuGen. After refining these tools, JDS has chosen to share these tools with JDS customers and the broader HP community. These tools are intended to provide VuGen scripters with access to a set of utilities that are commonly used by JDS consultants.


Convert Web Vusers to Java

Converts C-based Web (HTTP/HTML) VuGen scripts into a Java-based virtual user

Reformat web_custom_request

Reformats a web_custom_request into a more readable form regardless of whether it is XML/SOAP, JSON or Form data

Data Format Converter

Converts common data formats to/from a variety of formats including HTML, Base64, URL encoding, Hexadecimal, Binary. This tool can also be used to calculate time since the epoch and MD5 or SHA-1 encryption.

VuGen Code Highlighter

Mimics the colours used by VuGen script-view, which is helpful when preparing documentation. Please note, this highlighter will work with a whole host of other languages as well.


JDS will be releasing more tools in the coming weeks