It’s no secret that technology is advancing at a faster rate now than ever before. While technological advances often enable better functionality and more efficiency, they also bring with them a swathe of risks and challenges for businesses. Implementing good risk management tools in your IT operations is critical to protect your brand and your reputation.

No matter what your organisation does, chances are you rely on effective and functional IT systems to keep the doors open. If their IT systems go down or experience delays, businesses across all industries see significant impacts on their revenue and reputation. Many customers will swear off a business entirely after even one major issue if they know they can get a better service from their competitors.

So, how do organisations keep up with the constantly changing IT landscape? One of the most effective ways to manage risk in technology is by using other technology. To that end, here are some of the key risk management tools for IT managers in 2018.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management

If you have a particularly complex solution stack or a broad range of devices and components, ServiceNow ITOM is designed for your business. Seamlessly integrating with your current ServiceNow instance and configuration management database (CMDB), ITOM gives you a single pane of glass view of how your entire environment is impacted when one system or server has an error. There are three key components of this service that make it a good choice for risk management:

1. Event Management

What if you could see your entire IT environment on one easy-to-read dashboard? Event management cuts down on the noise from your monitoring tools, proactively informs your IT team of any issues with performance, and helps you virtually eliminate outages altogether.

2. Service Mapping

When one device or server goes down, it often impacts a variety of your IT services. With service mapping, you can see how each of your IT components impacts the others and easily identify the root cause of an issue if it occurs.

3. Orchestration

One of the most important things you can do to manage risk in your organisation is to ensure your skilled IT operators are focused on business-critical tasks. Using orchestration, you can automate repetitive, time-consuming processes to resolve common errors, alleviating the burden on your IT team’s time and resources. Find out more about this here.


PagerDuty is an event notification solution designed for any type of incident response that involves people stepping in to execute a resolution. It integrates with the top development, deployment, monitoring, and ticketing tools to route all alerts to one location, and distribute those alerts to the right individuals—the first time.

PagerDuty uses sophisticated machine learning to orchestrate a coordinated response in real time, which leads to increased operational efficiencies, faster incident resolution, less employee burnout, and less downtime. This solution functions as the single source of truth for incidents and stakeholder management, with detailed reporting and automated post-mortem analysis, making sure you learn from any issues that arise. PagerDuty manages the on-call roster for all operational responses as well as planned maintenance.

Active Robot Monitoring (ARM) with Splunk

This custom-built synthetic monitoring solution from JDS employs scripts that emulate the steps taken by real users engaged with your business services, automatically and according to your preferred schedule. This significantly de-risks new projects, as you are able to accurately predict your user experience with an application or service by simulating any action you want from any location.

ARM allows you to test variables ahead of time and throughout the lifecycle of an IT service, meaning you can always add new scenarios and actions to your scripts to see how your service will perform. Plus, since it all takes place in Splunk and transactions are unlimited, the cost to your business is significantly reduced compared to other synthetic monitoring solutions.

Not sure what's right for you?

JDS specialises in helping organisations analyse their IT environments and determine what solutions will work best for them. We provide independent advice; training and ongoing support; and IT testing, monitoring, and management solutions to businesses across Australia and around the world. If you want to enhance your risk management tools in 2018, give JDS a call and we’ll discuss the best options for your business.

If you want to learn more about orchestration with ServiceNow ITOM, sign up for an on-site workshop in one of our four city locations, and we’ll show you how automation will cut down on outages and free up time for your IT staff.


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