HPE recently announced the next update to LoadRunner – bringing it to version 12.53. While not a major release, there were quite a few updates, enhancements and additions.

Here’s a rundown and some initial thoughts on the new release.

Brand New

  • GitHub Integration
    You can now use GitHub as your script repository straight from VuGen. This means teams can share the same script and take full advantage of GitHub’s versioning features as well as the extras like the issues register and Wiki.
  • New PCoIP protocol
    PC-over-IP is a new GUI protocol similar to Citrix and RDS. It uses a technology developed by Teradici to simulate users from remote locations (including mobile and tablets) on a centralised server.
    LoadRunner 12.53a

  • New HTTP/2 support
    LoadRunner was an early supporter of SPDY – the precursor to HTTP/2 and now LoadRunner includes recording and scripting support for HTTP/2.
  • New methods to manipulate JSON
    With AJAX commonplace among web apps, and JSON extensively used in AJAX, LoadRunner now comes with some methods to help manage these requests. Some examples include: lr_eval_json, lr_json_get_values, lr_json_stringify.
  • New C Interpreter
    The C Interpreter has changed from the LCC compiler to the latest Microsoft C Runtime. What does this mean for you? Probably not a lot. 64bit integers are now supported, so you can declare a ‘long long’ – but this won’t be backwards compatible.

Browser Support

  • Microsoft Edge (new to this version)
  • Internet Explorer 10 & 11 (IE 9 is no longer supported)
  • Chromium 46
  • Firefox 40

VuGen Improvements

  • REST GUI editor – giving you a better way to record a REST script.
  • Improved support for creating a script via a packet capture (PCAP, HTML Archive, SAZ).
  • Check compatibility with Linux load gens (e.g. lr_load_dll).
  • General tidyups with UI, reports, NV Analytics and correlation.


    LoadRunner 12.53b

Other Improvements

  • Better object identification in TruClient – including selecting a random item through descriptors.
  • Validate text in Citrix scripts by using OCR: ctrx_get_text_ocr().
  • Support for Java 8.
  • Support for HTTP video streaming on HTML 5, including metrics on lagging and buffering.
  • New cloud provider- DigitalOcean to join Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine.
  • New look Analysis HTML report – shows NV location for each transaction, graph titles have a larger font size and the background colour defaults to white.

LoadRunner 12.53c
See the official readme in the LoadRunner Help Center.

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Mike Delfino

Does Loadrunner 12.53 supports Google Chrome (64 bit) ?