HP Loadrunner 11 is now available. This new version now natively supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. I recommend upgrading to this version for full Windows 7 integration, and Internet Explorer 8 support. The below article refers to earlier Loadrunner releases.

Windows 7 has finally been released, and I’ve had the pleasure to install the latest retail release. Whilst the application support for Windows 7 is quite good, I have to unfortunately report that at this time, HP Loadrunner 9.5 does not work at all as a native Windows 7 application.


What’s wrong with HP Loadrunner 9.5 in Windows 7.

The installation seemingly works fine...however at the end of the process, the Loadrunner license dialog pops up. This is a little strange, as the Loadrunner license dialog doesn’t normally appear during installation. Even stranger the 10-day evaluation license is missing from this dialog. Hmm.

Launching the applications gives similar issues. A complaint about registry permissions when launching the Controller, and an exception stack trace when starting the Analysis component. Whilst the Virtual User Generator (VuGen) started correctly, it has not support for Internet Explorer 8 rendering it useless for Web HTML/HTTP scripts.

Fortunately there is a nice solution!

Out of the darkness, came light. XP Mode!

If you are using Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate editions, then you have the option of using the brand new XP Mode. Even if you’re not using one of these Windows editions, using the new Anytime Upgrade option in Windows 7 will allow you to upgrade your Windows edition.

XP Mode is a downloadable component from the Microsoft Website. It basically installs a fully-integrated copy of Windows XP into your computer as a virtual machine.

XP Mode Installation guide

Follow the instructions on the Microsoft website to install the XP Mode component into your copy of Windows 7.

  1. Go to
    Following the instructions, ensure you download and install both software components.
  2. When installed go to your Personal Folder, then Virtual Machines.
  3. Select “Windows XP Mode” , then Settings.
  4. Reconfigure the Memory setting to 1024Mb or above (1524Mb is recommended).
    By default, Windows XP Mode is preconfigured to 512Mb. This is not sufficient to use LoadRunner.


Installing LoadRunner inside XP Mode.

Launch the XP Mode virtual machine window, as follows:

  1. Go to your Personal Folder, then Virtual Machines.
  2. Select “Windows XP Mode”, then Open.
  3. When the Virtual Machine has started, use the LoadRunner DVD to install.
  4. Close the Virtual Machine window when the installation has completed.

Running LoadRunner.

When you install applications inside XP Mode, they are automatically added to your Windows 7 Start Menu. You will find LoadRunner in the Start Menu, under “Microsoft Virtual PC” > “XP Mode Applications”.


I hope you enjoy using Loadrunner inside XP's definately a clever use of technology. And it just works so seemlessly.
Admittedly, you may experience a few bugs with the technology... if this is a particular problem, you can launch the Virtual Machine mode as a normal window and use Loadrunner within there.

But I expect that Microsoft will release bug fixes for many of the XPMode quirks in the coming months. Thanks for reading!


Tech tips from JDS


Hi Team,

I am looking for old trial version for loadRunner which is compatible with 32-bit OS

Could you please provide link?

I didnt have option to change my system to 64-bit OS. Kindly provide old version link for 32 bit


I am using Loadrunner 9.5, but unable to invoke any browser for recording, I have 3 browser installed in my system (IE, Google Chrome and Firefox). Kindly help


Hi Ananya,

Please replay your script at least once with user ID which is having full admin rights. This will help you to reslove the issue.



I have installed LR 11.50 (30 Days trial version) on Window Xp sp3 (64-Bit) with IE 8

but i am not able to launch IE while recording script

please suggest me some solution



Ravindra Reddy


I am even facing the same kind of issue that,

we have installed VuGen 11.52 on windows 7 64bit O.S and we are good with all other protocols except Flex.

we need work against win32 Flex based application (.exe).

vugen is not invoking the application during recording and if the application is invoked, the events are not getting recorded.
I have used jar files, tried with Flex and web multiporotocols but not succeed.

Can any one help on this ? …Feel free to reach me out on #91-9986946752….._ Ravindra Reddy

I have got installed LoadRunner 11 in my machine. My machine is having Operating System : Windows 7, System Type: 32-bit Operating System, Ram : 4GB, Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo. I have got only Power User Rights for the PC. Whenever I try replay the scripts, it gives an error: Unable to initialize LRxml.dll. Please suggest.

Jaish Mishra

You don’t need to go for all the above setup just for Win7 and LR configuration.

Follow the few steps;

– Disable all firewalls
– Configure the LR to open as an Administrator privilege
– Change runtime settings and disable proxy if accessing public network


Hi all,

If I use Load Runner 9.5 or 9.1 with XP Mode I will be able to record any scripts of applications?


Hareesh Kuumar

Hi all,

Is LR-11 is compatable in Windows7,If it is compatable it need any extra hardware configuration like ram and processor.And if you provide which version support for which OS send me the list.

Stuart Moncrieff

Just a couple of notes…

* XP Mode works only with Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate
* You will need to enable virtualisation in your BIOS. On an HP laptop, this is BIOS Setup (F10 during boot) > System Configuration > Device Configuration, and tick the box for “Virtualisation Technology”.

Hi I want to know what is the trail period for Load Runner version 9 or Above& is it compatabile with XP,Vista ,Windows 7

Nick Wilton

Hi Papi,

Unfortunately to use Loadrunner with Windows 7 you must use Virtual PC and XPMode. If you’re computer is not supported by Virtual PC then you will need to upgrade. To use Virtual PC I recommend a minimum of 3Gb of RAM and a Dual Core processor.

Alternatively, you can look at dual-booting your computer with Windows XP. There should be plenty of information available on how to accomplish this:



Hi Guys,

I have windows7 ultimate & i have installed Load runner 9.5 trial version. But unfortunately its not working.
Above solution works fine if it supports for Windows Virtual PC which is not supporting my PC. Can some help me out in utilizing Load Runner tool in Win7 Ultimate.

Thanks in Advance.

Papi Reddy

QTest from Quotium works on Windows 7 nativley.
It’s a great performance testing tool and chosen by large consutlancies as a serious alternative to loadrunner.