It's wrong to assume that VuGen scripts are always written in C. Some virtual user types are only available in other languages, and some give you an option of generating a recorded script in a variety of languages. At current count, LoadRunner supports 8 languages (or 6, if you consider VBA, VBScript and VB to be the same language).

This post shows the list of languages available for LoadRunner/VuGen 9.10, and which vuser types they are available for.

To generate your script in a different language (if available), change the "scripting language" setting under Recording Options.

COM/DCOM Recording Settings - Scripting Language

It should be noted that not all vuser types allow you to generate code from a recording of your application. Template scripts require you to hand-code API calls in your script. This is not recommended unless the interaction between the client and the server is very simple - good examples would be performance testing of DNS or MAPI.

Scripting Language by Vuser Type:

Protocol C VBA VBScript JavaScript
VB VB.NETC C# Java Record/Replay?
Action Message Format (AMF) Yes               Yes
AJAX (Click and Script) Yes               Yes
C Vuser Yes               No
Citrix_ICA Yes               Yes
COM/DCOM Yes Yes Yes Yes         Yes
DB2 CLI Yes               Yes
Domain Name Resolution (DNS) Yes               No
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)               Yes No
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Yes Yes Yes Yes         Yes
Flex Yes               Yes
i-mode Yes               Yes
Informix Yes               Yes
Internet Messaging (IMAP) Yes Yes Yes Yes         Yes
Java Record Replay               Yes Yes
Java Vuser               Yes No
JavaScript Vuser       Yes         No
Listing Directory Service (LDAP) Yes Yes Yes Yes         Yes
Media Player (MMS) Yes               No
Microsoft .NET           Yes Yes   Yes
Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Yes               Yes
MS Exchange (MAPI) Yes               No
MS SQL Server Yes               Yes
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Yes               No
ODBC Yes               Yes
Oracle (2-Tier) Yes               Yes
Oracle NCA Yes               Yes
Oracle Web Applications 11i Yes               Yes
PeopleSoft Enterprise Yes               Yes
PeopleSoft-Tuxedo Yes               Yes
Post Office Protocol (POP3) Yes Yes Yes Yes         Yes
Real Yes               Yes
SAP - Web Yes             Yes1 Yes
SAP (Click and Script) Yes               Yes
SAPGUI Yes               Yes
Siebel - DB2 CLI Yes               Yes
Siebel - MSSQL Yes               Yes
Siebel - Oracle Yes               Yes
Siebel - Web Yes             Yes1 Yes
Simple Mail Protocol (SMTP) Yes Yes Yes Yes         Yes
Sybase CTlib Yes               Yes
Sybase DBlib Yes               Yes
Terminal Emulation (RTE) Yes               Yes
Tuxedo Yes               Yes
Tuxedo 6 Yes               Yes
VB Script Vuser     Yes           No
VB Vuser                 No
VBNet Vuser         Yes       No
VoiceXML Yes               Yes
WAP Yes               Yes
Web (Click and Script) Yes               Yes
Web (HTTP/HTML) Yes             Yes1 Yes
Web Services Yes               Yes
Windows Sockets Yes               Yes

1 The Web (HTTP/HTML), SAP - Web, and Siebel - Web virtual user types can all be converted to a Java-based script. However, this requires that you are also licensed for the Java vuser type or the Java Record Replay vuser type. The Click and Script and Web Services vuser types cannot be converted to Java.

Note that the VB vuser type (which is a template virtual user that does not support Record/Replay) has some web functions available to it, such as web.url() and web.submit_data().

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Thanks for sharing such a great blog Keep posting.. 

Justin Choong

Hi, are there new scripting languages I can use with Loadrunner?

Ashwini Koli

Does LoadRunner supports progressive web app using java scripting?

does loadrunner supports progressive web app stress testing using java scripting?

Hi. In our company, we have two applications one is developed in Dot Net & MSSQL (DB) and another one is on JAVA & DB2 (DB).
Both are webbased applications.

1. What kind of protocols I have to select in HP Load Runner. Just Web(HTTP/HTML) ??
2. What language I have to use. Just C language or can I use VB Scripting.
3. How can I identify what kind of protocols need to be selected before recording a script in HP Load Runner.

Thanks in advance for all your valuable time.


On what basis do we select the Scripting language, is it Application dependent?

Also I see the above comparison, which says we cannot Record/Replay when applications are based on EJB/CVuser etc are used.
a) What does it mean?
b) As per my understanding Load Runner is used to Record/Replay with little manual interference for instances like Correlation/Parameterization. Could please help me to understand the usage of Load Runner better? Do we manually write scripts as per the above scenario?



I am trying to suppress a call to a url which is making my script fail. There should be a function which suppresses the call to a URL that I can put in the script but I cannot find it. I know I can comment out the url if I record the script in the URL mode but I can’t use that mode for all my scripts. In Silk Performer there is a way to suppress the call to a url, is there same in LR? Also tell me how can i start new post.

this is the good info ,which clearly tell the information about the protocol.

good information regarding various protocols.

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