Unleash the potential in every team with the Atlassian Suite.

Scale with confidence, simplify complexity, and move your business forward with Atlassian

Teams are at the heart of every business. But as businesses grow aggressively, some turn to uncompromising control to keep chaos in check. Slowing down teams and innovation. It’s time to stop thinking of businesses as a collection of silos, and start embracing them for what they really are— the ultimate team of teams.
Atlassian offers the software, services, and practices that power indestructible collaboration for every team, at every level. So you can scale with confidence, simplify unnecessary complexity, and increase pace of innovation. Move forward faster and smarter with Atlassian’s products and practices built for teams, optimised for the enterprise. Unleash the potential of your team of teams.

An Enterprise DevOps Solution

High-performing teams deploy more often with fewer failures and faster recovery. Atlassian provides the tools and best practices for building a culture of collaboration for your DevOps transformation.
Fostering a culture of collaboration between development and IT operations teams within your organisation begins with Atlassian software. Atlassian tools speed up releases by automating tasks and defining processes, and accelerates time to resolution with faster feedback loops, helping you to prioritise unplanned tasks.

Why Atlassian?

Get full visibility into the status of development work. All change, test and deployment information for an upcoming release is in one place with Jira Software. Jira Software unlocks the power of agile and Kanban by giving your team the tools to easily create & estimate stories, build a sprint backlog, identify team commitments & velocity, visualise team activity, and report on your team's progress.

Confluence is a collaboration tool used to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. It acts as your document collaboration and repository as it keeps full tracking of what changed in each document, when, and by whom to keep an 'audit' trail.  Team members can create, share, and collaborate on content.

From best-in-class integration with Jira to a better code review, Bitbucket Data Center gives your team everything you need to build high quality software at scale. Support your growing team and maintain performance with built-in active-active clustering and disaster recovery.  Create a pull request workflow that works for your team with default reviewers, customisable merge checks, and five different merge strategies.

Focus on coding and count on Bamboo as your CI and build server. Create multi-stage build plans, set up triggers to start builds upon commits, and assign agents to your critical builds and deployments. Run automated tests in Bamboo to regress your products thoroughly with each change. Parallel automated tests unleash the power of Agile Development and make catching bugs easier and faster. Bamboo offers first-class support for the "delivery" aspect of continuous delivery.

Why choose JDS?

JDS is your partner of choice for a successful outcome for your most important digital projects and transformations. Bringing together local on-shore expert services with the latest technology and best practices, for over 15 years JDS has been helping DevOps, Operations and Application Delivery teams in the enterprise and public sector achieve success.

We do this by giving independent advice via certified and experienced full-time professional consultants, with ongoing support options to help you with performance and security engineering and testing, automation, monitoring, and service delivery management.

You can leverage our expertise across industry-leading tools such as ServiceNow, Splunk, AppDynamics, Micro Focus, SAP, PagerDuty, Atlassian and Illumio, ensuring better integrations and value delivery. JDS is the leading Australian professional services provider and partner in our field.