JDash—Customisable Dashboard Technology from JDS

Introducing JDash, by JDS

JDash, available exclusively from JDS, allows us to meet customers' unique dashboarding requirements. Data can be presented in a way that makes sense for your business, and is easily understood by senior management.

JDash is perfect for large TV screen displays and, coupled with User Experience Monitoring data, it is the perfect way for an IT department to show that they are providing an excellent quality of service to the business.

Existing vendor products are typically great at gathering data, but often very poor at presenting it. Clients may find that out-of-the-box dashboards have fixed non-optimal layouts, annoying header bars, or a limited range of available customisations. That's why we developed JDash—to provide a solution people can actually use.
Chris YoungerLead Consultant


Everyone can see the same information—understand an issue’s service impact.

Increase visibility

Pull information from multiple sources—have the full picture.

Make good decisions, fast

Increase the ability to interpret data quickly.

See what you need, when you need it

Manage and extract real value from the data generated by your ICT environment. JDash makes it easy to display the rich data available via your monitoring tools, in a manner tailored to the needs of your business.

Configurable dashboard technology

Provide fast, tailored, real-time visibility into how your applications are performing. JDash allows each business to define its own unique context, rather than being forced into a one-size-fits-all framework. Enrich your raw data and present it in the form that makes sense for you.

Responsive designs across all devices

Using CSS and HTML-based design, JDash allows you to resize, shrink, hide, and control your data visualisations across any device. JDash’s responsive designs provide an elegant, user-friendly experience, no matter what location or device you are using.

Lightweight, rich HTML5 dashboards

JDash is built on HTML5, meaning it is a fast, modern, and powerful solution capable of working on any device. It provides a lightweight, elegant, and effortless user experience, while displaying powerful data visualisations.

Combine multiple data sources

Utilise data from multiple sources to provide an effective and accurate view of how an application or service is performing. JDash dashboards can use data connectors to combine multiple data sources together.

Customer portals and widgets

Provide bespoke enterprise portals, and give your employees and customers access to dynamic on-demand information. JDash comes with a library of pre-built widgets with extendable JavaScript capability.

Supported technologies

Business service management

JDash can create rich visualisations of your end-to-end application performance with HPE Business Service Management, allowing you to ascertain end-user experience, quickly isolate issues and bottlenecks, and predict outages and problems in advance.

ServiceNow ITSM platform

JDash can customise and deploy a single pane of glass dashboard for various metrics and data, showing critical information about your ServiceNow platform. Visualise and streamline service delivery.

Splunk enterprise platform

Visualise the vast volumes of data generated by your Splunk platform, helping to drive operational and business results. Gain fresh insights into performance and availability metrics, events, and log data through using comprehensive visual displays.

Application performance management

JDash can visualise real production data from CA APM, enabling the improvement of capacity planning models. This allows IT to deliver suitable infrastructure to support business-critical application delivery, while exceeding user expectations and helping to reduce the risk of failure.

System Center Operation Manager (SCOM)

Visualise the overall state, health, performance, availability, configuration, and other metrics associated with your SCOM environment. This gives insight into the monitored services, devices, and operations across your IT landscape.

Infrastructure monitoring

Provide a single pane of glass into powerful monitoring information and third-party data, giving stakeholders visibility into infrastructure metrics. This will ensure you have the right information at the right time.

Ensure IT works.

Chris Younger

Delivery Manager

Length of Time at JDS

10 years


HP Certified Instructor, HP Business Service Management, HP LoadRunner, Splunk Sales Engineer, Certified in Service Now.

Workplace Passion

I am a big advocate for the value provided by Synthetic Business Process monitoring. When I first saw it 10 years ago in HP Business Availability Center I was impressed and I am still touting the benefits after all this time. Time and time again, I have seen it provide invaluable visibility into the user experience. These days it can be achieved using trendy newer tools such as Splunk for a fraction of the price it previously cost.

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