ServiceNow: The Challenge Of Support

ServiceNow is an immensely valuable platform, with strong use-cases across the business. The problem is, for every new business function you add to your ServiceNow instance, the more support the platform requires. That’s where JDS, an official ServiceNow Partner, come in: we provide you with a managed service offering that allows you to stop worrying about the risks associated with an unsupported platform, and get back to doing business.

Support can be easy to overlook in the lead-up to the implementation of a new or updated system.  Often, the first time it receives attention is when something goes wrongand by then, it can be too late.  There are particular risk factors associated with ServiceNow:

  • ServiceNow is in a process of continual improvement, which means skills must be continually upgraded—a time, training and development challenge.
  • BAU often results in enhancements and new projects being pushed to a backlog, meaning in-house staff don’t have the capacity to implement required platform changes.
  • ServiceNow capabilities are a high-demand skill set, and retention of staff with expert-level skills can be an issue—JDS as a third-party provider avoids this problem, with its wide pool of expert consultants.
  • There are two major and several minor ServiceNow releases each year, and it is important to not only understand the risks and benefits associated with each release, but to plan and manage upgrades in a way that minimises disruption to the business.

To avoid these kinds of situations, your business needs an effective, responsive, and highly skilled support team.  You can redeploy your internal development staff to take on the challenge of support, or you can look externally to source the required expertise.

JDS Support can help.

Your Business Benefits, With JDS

Business benefits

  • Improved mean time to identification (‘MTTI’) for service incidents, leading to better issue resolution timeframes and reduced impact on end users
  • Improved mean time to resolution (‘MTTR’) leading to reduced timed lost to production outages and service issues
  • Effective and responsive support leads to improved end-user uptake
  • Minimise risks by proactively planning for and managing upgrades
  • Counteract internal skill gaps and leverage additional expertise to address issues and conduct improvements

The JDS edge

JDS provides support to clients of all kinds, including the largest banking, insurance, retail and government organisations in Australia.

  • JDS is a ServiceNow Silver Sales and Services Partner
  • 90% of issues to be resolved in the first call
  • Local Australian business staffed by locally-based, accredited engineers
  • Dedicated Australian support centre since 2010

Which support is right for you?

Each JDS support offering is tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. They are available at three different levels: Foundation Care, Standard Care, and Total Care Support.

Foundation Care

This support package is right for your business if you have a well-resourced, skilled internal team supporting your products, regular contact with the vendor, and your finger on the pulse of the market trends and developments.

Standard Care

This is the best option for most organisations. Standard Care is the right choice if you have the skills to administer products and perform routine maintenance, but occasionally need expertise to assist with major issues, upgrades, and more complex technical tasks. Our support team will have the knowledge of your environment and respond to your specific needs.

Total Care

This is our most comprehensive level of support for businesses who just want to use the products for their intended purpose without worrying about administration, patching, upgrades, integrations, and dealing with issues. Total Care allows you focus your efforts on using your products without having to worry about supporting them.

To find out more about how JDS can help you with your ServiceNow support needs, contact one of our consultants today on 1300 780 432, or email [email protected].