Web Tools

JDS employs a number of highly skilled application developers, and we have made several of our custom-developed web tools available on our website. Visit the individual pages below to access these tools, and please contact us if something does not work as expected.

  • Convert Web Vusers to Java
    Converts C-based Web (HTTP/HTML) VuGen scripts into a Java-based virtual user.
  • Reformat web_custom_request() statements containing SOAP/XML or JSON
    Reformats a web_custom_request into a more readable form regardless of whether it is XML/SOAP, JSON or Form data.
  • Data format converter
    Converts common data formats to/from a variety of formats including HTML, Base64, URL encoding, Hexadecimal, Binary. This tool can also be used to calculate time since the epoch and MD5 or SHA-1 encryption.
  • VuGen Code Highlighter
    Mimics the colours used by VuGen script-view, which is helpful when preparing documentation. Please note, this highlighter will work with a whole host of other languages as well.
  • Pacing Calculator
    A quick tool for calculating the pacing required for a load test script.

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