If you're like me and want to use QuickTest Pro when you are out of the office, you will be interested in the commuter license utility called WCOMMUTE.exe which allows you to ‘CHECK OUT’ a license from the QTP Concurrent License Server to your PC.

This will allow you to run QTP without being near any network and have it valid for 30 days. After it expires, just CHECK IN and then CHECK OUT again.

I have included some instructions on how to do this and some screen shots...

To use the QTP commuter license, you must have the concurrent license server (Sentinel LM server) installed and licensed.

  1. Initially we need to connect to the Sentinel LM server. We do this be running the
    C:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin\WCommute.exe file located in <QuickTest installation folder>\bin.
    QTP commuter license
    The WCommute dialog box opens as such (on our local machine).
  2. Now we need to see commuter licenses available on all concurrent license servers located within your subnet, click Search Subnet. If you want to specify a particular concurrent license server, or if you want to select a concurrent license server outside of your subnet, click Single Server.
    If you click Search Subnet, the WCommute utility searches the subnet for concurrent license servers that support commuter licensing and displays them in the WCommute dialog box.
    If you click Single Server, a dialog box opens enabling you to specify the concurrent license server you want to locate. Enter the concurrent license server computer’s IP address, and click OK.
    QTP commuter license
  3. Enter the license server IP (e.g. Now you should see the licenses via the WCOMMUTE.EXE utility.
    QTP commuter license
  4. Select the license that you want to check out, one at a time (ie FT Unified or FT Add-ins).
  5. In the Enter number of days until the commuter authorization expires box,specify the maximum number of days to check out the license (up to a maximum of 30 days).
  6. Click Check Out. The selected license is saved locally on your computer.
    QTP commuter license
    Repeat this for the FT-Addins license type so you can use 'Add-ins'
    QTP commuter license
  7. Now close the WCOMMUTE.EXE.
  8. To use the new checked-out license, start QuickTest (as per normal) and then change your license type from concurrent to seat. In the confirmation message that opens after you change the license type, click No to use the commuter license.
    Now when you start QTP, you should see the SEAT licence information for 30 days, but be able to take your laptop anywhere !!
    QuickTest Professional Add-in Manager
  9. To Check in the license key, select the WCOMMUTE.EXE again and then select the 'CHECK IN' button.
    QuickTest Pro commuter license
  10. Restart the PC and the LSFORCEHPOST or LSHOST= should ensure that the normal License server is selected.

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