I came across this problem while installing QTP 9.5 earlier this week which caused a fair amount of frustration. The clients had QTP 9.0 installed on their laptops. I uninstalled 9.0, restarted and attempted the installation of 9.5. The first laptop went through fine but on the second one I was shown a message saying "Uninstall was not completed. Please restart the computer before installing QuickTest 9.5".

Clause number 27d in Murphy’s Law states that no matter how many times you restart, the same message will appear. I tried a number of things to get around the problem, such as manually deleting the files of the previous installation and even going into the registry and removing all references to QuickTest, but to no avail.

We then decided to install QTP on training machines which did not have any previous installations of QuickTest. Again, when installing the second PC, the same message pops up. This made me think that the message may not be directly related to QuickTest but may be caused by something else, such as the prerequisites that QuickTest installs.

To get around this problem in the future, follow these steps:

  • Install the .Net Framework. This must not be done using the HP install file but rather navigate to the folder "d:\QuickTest\EN\prerequisites\dotnet20\" on the DVD and install the "dotnetfx.exe" file.
  • Install the C++ distributable components. Go to "D:\QuickTest\EN\prerequisites\vc2005_sp1_redist" and install the file “vcredist_x86.exe”.
  • Now install QTP, but not with the normal Install file. Rather use the file "HP_QuickTest_Professional_95.msi" found in the directory "D:\QuickTest\MSI"

This solved the problem for us.

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