URL Attachments in Quality Center

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Sometimes you have a file that you work with that you would like to attach to QC but the file is managed by someone somewhere else, for instance a datasheet or requirements document managed by another department.

Because the owner will be unlikely to update the QC file for you, the best thing you can do is add a URL attachment, rather than a file attachment. This will ensure that when it is called in QC it is the latest file.

The trick is to make sure your URL will work in a browser. If it doesn't work in a browser then it wont work in QC.

  1. Go to the entity location in QC that you want to attach the file or URL to and choose Attachments
  2. Select the URL attachment option (the chain icon instead of the paperclip icon!)
  3. Put your URL in the following example formats:
    • For a web resource: http://www.example.com/default.aspx
    • For a file on a shared drive: \\ServerName\ShareName$\Department\Testing\Testing\FileName.doc
  4. Put the name of the file or its description in the Name field
  5. Hit OK.
  6. File should be linked. Test.

Helpful Hint 1: Dont link to files saved locally (on your "C" drive or Desktop) as others wont be able to get to them.
Helpful Hint 2: Share drive paths need to be the full network directory path, for instance "M:\Testing\FileName.doc" wont work, but "\\ServerName\ShareName$\Department\Testing\FileName.doc" will.

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