SAP Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS)

JDS has years of experience working with numerous SAP environments across a range of customers and industries. Our status as the trusted Australian SAP Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS) implementation partner, coupled with our domain expertise in testing and monitoring, make us the ideal choice for your SAP implementation.

Experienced SAP subcontract partner

Whether you are upgrading your SAP components, installing a new on-premise environment, migrating from On-Premise to SAP HANA, launching your application on mobile devices with SAP Fiori, or developing custom SAP application add-ons or modules, JDS has the expertise to implement the right quality assurance solution to fit your needs.

End-to-end analytics and monitoring

JDS is highly experienced at interpreting the wealth of SAP data through a business context. All of our consultants work in multiple fields that relate to quality assurance, including performance testing, operations management, and service management. We take pride in our ability to ensure IT works—that means more than just installing a tool.

Why choose SAP QAS?

Reduce cost

Lower costs by applying end-to-end standards that improve the quality of all SAP solutions, including test strategy, overall solution, and security design

Identify and mitigate risk

Minimise the risks associated with system upgrades, organisational changes, and solution implementations

Improve performance

Reduce the risk of defects and vulnerabilities in custom software, plus optimise and improve system performance and stability in the operational phase

Align your strategy

Employing quality assurance services ensures that projects are in alignment with the overall business scope and strateg

Secure your application

Ensure security is built into the SDLC from the time of code development, penetration testing, and through to continuous production monitoring

JDS capabilities with SAP

End-user monitoring

JDS can help monitor end-user behaviour through our Splunk Active Robot Monitoring (ARM) solution and also leverage the SAP information in PowerConnect for Splunk across your design, development, and testing lifecycle, as well as in production environments.

Automated testing

Increase the productivity of your testing teams by automating your time-consuming manual regression test cases. JDS can support your team in automating repetitive test cases, or manage the entire process for you. Spend less time executing tests and more time fixing defects.

Performance testing

Optimise the performance and availability of your SAP implementation with JDS. Testing de-risks your project to give you confidence that your go-live will be successful. We conduct targeted performance and load tests aimed at evaluating custom code, determining capacity and finding any vulnerabilities (application and/or infrastructure) in the system.

Security testing

Security poses a threat for modern businesses, as it has privacy, financial, and reputational implications. JDS helps you protect against the threat of breach or infiltration of your SAP system throughout the development lifecycle via static code analysis, as well as dynamic penetration testing to provide holistic assurances.

Service virtualisation

In complex environments with multiple integrations, it’s not always possible to test end-to-end. With service virtualisation, JDS can help you “shift left” and test systems that are available, and virtualise the components that are not yet ready. This will help you isolate issues earlier, and allow for concurrent testing to optimise your time.

Why choose JDS?

JDS is a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, with expertise across industry-leading tools such as ServiceNow, Splunk, AppDynamics, Atlassian, Micro Focus, and more. We provide local, skilled, and responsive services to support IT projects and operations. Bringing together expert services, the latest technology, and best practices, JDS achieves improved IT outcomes for businesses. We do this by giving independent advice, providing training and ongoing support, and implementing IT testing, monitoring, and management solutions.

JDS is the trusted Australian SAP Services Partner in the implementation and configuration of the Micro Focus (formerly HPE) and SAP Certified Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS). These solutions cover the breadth of test management, service virtualisation, automated functional testing, performance testing, and security testing, namely:

  • SAP Quality Center by Micro Focus

  • SAP QuickTest Professional by Micro Focus

  • SAP LoadRunner by Micro Focus

  • SAP Service Virtualisation by Micro Focus

  • SAP Fortify by Micro Focus

  • Integration of SAP Quality Center by Micro Focus with SAP Solution Manager and SAP Test Acceleration and Optimisation