Security Services

We can help you reduce your risk and improve your security posture.

Security is a problem that every organisation deals with. From small businesses to enterprise and government, everyone must remain vigilant. As modern attacks continue to become more sophisticated, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. At JDS we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our security solutions to your business requirements. We take a methodical, risk based approach to security testing, monitoring, and management so you can rest assured that your data and business assets are secure.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing at JDS is based on the industry-recognised Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Application Security Verification Standard. We take a methodical, risk based approach to testing your applications.

Network Penetration Testing

JDS can perform an in-depth security assessment of your corporate network perimeter (Internal & External) using both automated tools and manual techniques, emulating the methods a malicious actor might use to attack your network.

WiFi Penetration Testing

Wireless networks offer an alternative and attractive entry point into your corporate network for attackers. JDS can help find vulnerabilities in your wireless network, so you can enhance your security posture and prevent attacks.

Cloud Platform Security

JDS performs cloud security configuration assessments to ensure your cloud provider’s security best practices are in place and aligned with your organisation’s security and compliance requirements.

Security Monitoring

As a Splunk Elite Partner, JDS leverages our expertise to implement SIEM software Splunk Enterprise Security (Splunk ES) to monitor your organisation’s activities and meet your security audit and compliance requirements

Vulnerability Management

JDS can assist with organising tedious and complex vulnerability findings to provide effective prioritisation and remediations for complete visibility of your network and infrastructure.