What do we do?

Bringing together expert services, the latest technology, and best practices, JDS achieves improved IT outcomes for your business. We offer independent advice, implement solutions, provide training, and ensure you have ongoing support. We consult, implement, train, and support all parts of the application lifecycle, so that you can:

  • Protect your IT initiatives and investment
  • Reduce your business risk
  • Ensure your IT deliverables are met
  • Provide quantifiable performance data to support your position, and easily justify activities to your board, shareholders, and stakeholders
  • Mitigate system downtime
  • Optimise application usability
  • Rest assured that support is there when you need it
  • Protect your critical applications, and ensure your business objectives are achieved

Acknowledged as leaders in our field, we work with organisations of all sizes and across all industries, with a particularly strong history in finance, government, higher education, utilities and energy, manufacturing, retail, and professional services.


Improve experience

Improve end-user experience and customer satisfaction

Lower asset costs

Reduce hardware and software costs by accurately predicting system capacity

Decrease risk

Decrease the risks associated with system deployment or underperformance

Pinpoint bottlenecks

Quickly and easily pinpoint user, system, network, and code-level bottlenecks

Reduce outages

Drastically reduce service outage repair time