Enhance the collaboration, engagement, and buy-in from your team. Bring together apps and operations with DevOps principles.

Keeping pace with a high-velocity business

To stay competitive, your business needs to accelerate the delivery of new software features and functionality. That’s the idea behind the Agile software development processes that are now widely used by application delivery teams to reduce delivery cycle times. But here’s where things get harder: while Agile methods are a huge step forward for application delivery teams, they alone don’t ensure the fast rollout of new software. Cycle times are also driven by IT operations teams, which historically have been a speed bump in the road to putting applications into production.

Driving collaboration across the development lifecycle and IT operations

DevOps is all about people, process, and technology, and applying principles and methods to drive better collaboration between your software delivery and IT operations teams. DevOps extends the Agile mindset to incorporate operations. Whether your organisation uses Agile, Waterfall, or both, Enterprise DevOps recognises the interdependencies of application delivery and IT operations in accelerating the release of high-quality software. DevOps enables continuous delivery which focuses on shorter cycles, putting high-quality software into the hands of end users.

Why use DevOps?

Be competitive

Accelerate the release of applications into production and respond faster to business demand

Increase efficiency

Increase IT resource efficiency with automated provisioning and deployment

Make better decisions

Enable better and faster decisions with immediate feedback (high performing DevOps teams recover from failure 24x faster*)

Keep pace with demand

Bring new apps and updates to market quickly to ensure satisfied customers

Increase innovation

Free up time and resources to focus on value adds (high performing DevOps teams spend 44% more time on new planned work than reactive unplanned work*)

DevOps support from JDS

Implement enterprise data fabric

Enable your team and lower risk with broad all-inclusive monitoring to improve root-cause analysis processes, while also building business analytics and detail for the next release. JDS delivers smart monitoring solutions and can establish an enterprise data fabric, helping businesses make better decisions faster, mitigate risk, and cope with High Change environments.

Deploy application performance management

Do I have an application issue, and is it service impacting? This is the question for anyone responsible for an application or service delivery. The faster you can answer it, the faster you can triage, prioritise resources, and improve customer satisfaction. APM is the essential part of measuring overall user experience, managing risk, and closing the quality feedback loop.

Establish standards for the “non-functional”

Establish reusable and easily re-deployable quality standards for the “non-functional” aspects of your application, such as performance and security. Innovation is realised in delivering new functionality, so don’t consume cycles reinventing the wheel on the basics. JDS can help you create and maintain a best practice set of standards, freeing up your team to focus on creative pursuits.  

Build end-to-end continuous delivery

Enable management of applications, in-built quality in development processes, and continuous improvement in development teams. JDS consultants provide effective, industry-leading frameworks and toolsets, as well as training for your in-house teams.

Automate change and release approval

Automation is the the best documentation. By successfully adopting IT operations automation and orchestration, JDS helps organisations automate mundane tasks and speed up approval workflows, turning change into business as usual. Real-time transaction visibility builds you a more dynamic CMDB, and makes ITSM and event management application aware.

Implement continuous testing

Quality is more than just finding defects—and waiting for a problem to occur before you fix it puts your business’s reputation at risk. JDS helps businesses implement continuous testing and performance management of production apps to ensure ongoing quality of software and application delivery.

Why choose JDS?

JDS is a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, with expertise across industry-leading tools such as ServiceNow, Splunk, AppDynamics, Micro Focus, SAP, PagerDuty, and more. JDS provides local, skilled, and responsive services to support IT projects and operations.

Bringing together expert services, the latest technology, and best practices, we achieve improved IT outcomes for businesses. We do this by giving independent advice, providing training and ongoing support, and implementing IT testing, monitoring, and management solutions.

JDS maintains a high level of relationships and technical certifications with a variety of DevOps-aligned technology vendors. We have extensive in-house experience implementing solutions with the largest banks, universities, energy, mining and insurance corporations in Australia.

This experience makes us the partner of choice for a variety of Australian businesses looking to adopt DevOps within their organisations.

*2017 State of DevOps Report

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