Service Virtualisation

Give your testing and developments teams the ability to create simulations of real-world application behaviour.

How to be agile, not fragile, with application delivery

Being first and fastest does not equate to value when the delivered solution does not perform, or lacks in user experience or responsiveness. Risks of delivering poor-quality software can even affect the brand and business viability, especially if the issue pertains to security breaches or data privacy. Applications teams must move quickly but must also balance the need to keep functional quality, performance, and application security levels aligned even more closely with demanding compliance and business expectations.

Faster delivery and higher quality

Enable your application teams to easily create virtual services that can replace targeted services in a composite application or multi-step business process. By accurately simulating the behaviour of the actual component, developers and testers can begin performing functional or performance testing right away, in parallel—even when the real services are not available, when data access is restricted, when data is difficult to attain, or when the services are not suitable for the particular test.

Why do service virtualisation?

Accelerate delivery

Speed up your delivery by creating realistic simulations of service behaviour while testing

Reduce risk

Decrease risk and enable faster release cycles through earlier functional and load testing

Lower costs

Bring down costs related to provisioning and managing complex test environments

Broaden coverage

Get broader test coverage and fewer defects released to production

Enhance collaboration

Foster better collaboration for teams across the lifecycle

Service virtualisation from JDS

Simulate critical elements

Protect your brand and minimise the risk of reputational damage by simulating all critical elements of your service. Using service virtualisation software, JDS can simulate how your service responds to user behaviour and load, different network characteristics, and constrained services/applications components.

Compress the software development lifecycle

Without service virtualisation, software is developed in a linear fashion, with each stage (development, testing, integration, performance testing, UAT) needing to happen one after the other. Service virtualisation support from JDS allows all of these things to happen at once, saving you time and money.

Adopt SDLC best practice

Ensure your business meets the systems development lifecycle best practice requirements. JDS can help you create virtual services easily and seamlessly, simulate needed systems end to end, enable your teams to work in parallel, and develop shareable and reusable services that are easy to maintain.

Increase your ROI

The latest service virtualisation study from 2014/15 found that of the companies using service virtualisation, 46% achieved a greater than 40% reduction in total defects, 34% achieved a decrease of 50% or greater in test cycle time, and 40% achieved a decrease of 40% or greater in software release cycle times.

Meet a wide range of protocols

Service virtualisation support from JDS helps you meet a broader range of protocols by providing expanded support. You can access Java virtualisation, letting you configure on the fly, without restart, for greater ease of use. ISO 8583 using JPOS also allows you to simulate and test in critical financial industry environments.

Reduce wait time

Service virtualisation gets rid of the “wait time” involved in development and testing that slows down application delivery. Companies go from an average 32-day wait time to a 1-hour wait time after adopting service virtualisation software.

Why choose JDS?

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