ServiceNow ITOM

IT Operations Management (ITOM) need not be a dark art. IT departments are often criticised for being slow to resolve issues when they’re often understaffed and using out-of-date technology. ServiceNow ITOM helps your team work smarter, not harder, by seamlessly integrating event management with your existing ITSM processes and improving visibility into the quality of IT services.

Get dashboard visibility of your IT operations

ServiceNow ITOM gives you a “single pane of glass” view of all your IT systems and end-to-end business services, helping you understand how each of your systems interacts with each other and what the impact will be if an issue arises.

Be proactive, not reactive, in your issue resolution

By gaining visibility into the full spectrum of your IT operations, you will improve availability and reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). Know exactly where a performance issue is occurring, and introduce automation to resolve errors as soon as they occur.

Why ServiceNow ITOM?

Improve customer satisfaction
Match your competitors and ensure users have confidence in your business systems

Protect your reputation
Even if IT users are internal, their functionality reinforces the culture and attitude of your organisation as a whole

Lower costs
Lower the real cost of outages, including lost productivity of the staff resolving issues and the impact on business productivity

Reduce dependence
Ensure your best engineers spend the majority of their time on high-value activities like projects rather than fire fighting

Manage growth
Effectively manage the growth of your IT networks and applications rather than constantly treading water

JDS capabilities with ServiceNow ITOM

Event correlation and suppression
A key stumbling block for many organisations attempting to implement a centralised event management solution is effectively managing the sheer volume of events. Event “noise” can overwhelm your operators at critical times. ServiceNow ITOM provides event correlation and suppression configurations to ensure that your IT staff has a clear understanding of what is occurring in your environment from both a root cause and symptom perspective.

Service mapping and IT landscape discovery
As your IT environment becomes more dynamic and distributed, it gets more difficult to maintain an accurate mapping of your critical business systems’ IT Service architecture. Using ServiceNow ITOM, you can map IT services and their components—but the options for configuration are extensive. JDS helps you unlock the potential of Service Mapping capabilities and provides you with approaches that are appropriate for your requirements.

Operations automation
Whether it be automated event-driven remediation (automated incident resolution) to reduce the MTTR of incidents, or automation of commonly executed operator tasks to reduce operational costs, the JDS team can assist you in leveraging the extensive ServiceNow ITOM capabilities in operations automation. We advise on and implement ServiceNow ITOM automation solutions and are experienced in maximising customers’ existing IT investments through integrations with ServiceNow.

Centralised event management
By ingesting events from disparate element managers into the ServiceNow ITOM event management system, a centralised view of the environment health will allow for quicker triagingand problem identification. JDS has deep industry experience in the best way to implement enterprise integrations, giving you faster time to value.

Trends analysis/predictive alerting
ServiceNow ITOM allows you to analyse trends in your IT environment and set appropriate thresholds for alerting prior to customer-impacting incidents occurring. JDS can implement the configuration of ServiceNow ITOM trend analysis and predictive alerting to ensure your critical business systems have sufficient coverage with minimal ongoing maintenance effort.

Why choose JDS?

JDS is a ServiceNow Silver Services Partner with extensive experience in ITSM implementation and customisation and a large pool of technical consultants. We provide a strategic and differentiated level of partnership with ServiceNow helping customise the ServiceNow platform to our clients’ needs. JDS is also ServiceNow's global partner of choice for testing the performance and availability of their platform.

JDS has been driving auto-discovery and CMDBs, and establishing IT service monitoring for years and have considerable depth of experience in this area, giving business executives and managers visibility over their whole IT system.

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